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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 6, 2022

India Supreme Court Supports Vaccination Choice

Landmark decision on May 2, 2022

by Shalini Mehta

OMNS (May 6, 2022) We are a family of three: myself, my husband, and our 17-year-old daughter. I started following a vitamin regimen in 2015 when I was desperately seeking answers for my husband's health after he went through a surgery. I knew that medication alone would not allow him to fully recover. On the other hand, my daughter experienced some horrendous side effects of the MMR vaccine. Finally, God heard my prayers and I happened to hear Andrew Saul in the Food Matters documentary. [1] He was apparently a God-sent angel, and his knowledge helped me to understand the importance of supplements of essential nutrients. It turned around my and my family's health.

Then came COVID-19 to India, where I live. On 20th March 2020 our country went for a complete lock-down. Just like everyone we didn't know what this virus was and how it would impact the world health scenario. But I knew that my family and I were enthusiastic and devoted consumers of vitamins and minerals, even though it's not easy to get supplements in India.

In the meantime, I heard Dr. Thomas Levy talk about how vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide are helpful against COVID-19. [2] Also I heard Dr. Saul mention that vitamin C, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin A and zinc are important supplements for preventing COVID, and how in some countries intravenous vitamin C is being used to treat COVID. [3-10] We had already been on these supplements since 2015. And we were also very particular about getting our vitamin D and zinc levels checked.

Apart from these supplements, all three of us have been very particular about our health and life choices. We wear a mask while going out to a market place, sanitize our hands and use hydrogen peroxide in diluted form on everything that comes from outside in our home. All our vegetables are washed either in salt water or baking soda. We have stopped going to crowded places. We put a shoe rack at the entrance of the house and to date we don't use outside shoes inside the house. We use organic sesame oil in the inner lining of our nose twice a day. In Ayurvedic medicine, sesame oil is stated to be very beneficial to keep any air borne virus from going down the respiratory tract. We eat only organic, local, seasonal, home-cooked food and we are vegetarians. We exercise for half an hour, five times a week and are very active in our home chores. My husband is 53 years old and I am 49 years, and we don't suffer from any co-morbidity. As a result of this simple yet effective protocol, none of us has been infected with COVID-19.

But a big concern was vaccination. In December 2021 we noticed that even though Government of India was encouraging public to get vaccinated, there was no compulsion. In my country the Government never forces people to do anything related to personal choice, allowing people to make their informed choices. But I was a little uneasy when I learned that vaccination was becoming compulsory in some countries. And in our country, some organizations without consent of the Government made it mandatory for people to be double vaccinated, and barred entry of unvaccinated people into their premises.

So, in March 2022, we were encouraged when a couple of good Samaritan lawyers filed various petitions in the Supreme Court of India requesting that vaccination should not be forced upon people and that the results of vaccine trials done in India should be made public. Based on this data, it should be a personal choice to get vaccinated, and using evidence, they proved in the court that vaccinated people were spreading infections just as much as non-vaccinated people. They also brought forth the argument that COVID vaccine had created some major challenges in people's health because the vaccine trials were not extensive and Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) was given injudiciously.

So, on May 03, 2022 we were elated to wake up to the very positive judgement of the Supreme Court of India that vaccines should not be forced on people because Article 21 of our Indian constitution states 'the right to life.' [11] The Court clearly stated and I quote - "With respect to bodily integrity and personal autonomy of an individual in the light of vaccines and other health measures introduced to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are of the opinion that bodily integrity is protected under Article 21 (Right to Life) of the constitution and no individual can be forced to be vaccinated."

I wish other countries would follow suit.


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