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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, November 20, 2020

COVID-19 vs Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus

Commentary by Theo Farmer

(OMNS Nov 20, 2020) On an orthomolecular farm, one that uses no agricultural chemicals, and no pharmaceutical products with animals or farmers, we have a different perspective on viruses, and thus our response to the COVID19 situation may be counter to what is generally propagating in the mainstream.

For those who are unfamiliar with this topic, just a warning. This might be uncomfortable to read, but healing is not necessarily comfortable. It would be good to start with some history.

Vitamin C Mutants

In 1979, Irwin Stone published a paper, a medical hypothesis, entitled Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus, a Biochemically Corrected Robust Human Mutant. [1] Stone had been researching vitamin C and publishing papers on it for decades, and personally was taking lots of vitamin C in an attempt to match the levels he knew that animals make in their bodies continuously.

He and his wife had been in a head-on collision years earlier where he had broken most of his bones. Both had been taking many grams of vitamin C daily, and, to the surprise of medics that arrived on the scene, neither were in shock when the ambulance arrived. He was told that he would never walk again, but he was fully recovered and walking in 3 months, and he attributed that to his taking 50-60 grams of vitamin C a day while in the hospital. Stone and his wife had both experienced being the robust human mutants that he described in his paper.

What Irwin Stone knew was that a goat our size, when under stress, can produce up to 100 grams per day of vitamin C, converting glucose, blood sugar, to ascorbate. [2] Humans produce none, but we have the same mammalian cells as a goat and the same need for ascorbate, according to Stone. Stone called ascorbate "the healing factor" and he and other vitamin C researchers felt that calling ascorbate a "vitamin" did not adequately describe its necessity in helping humans prevent and heal from disease and injury.

Orthomolecular vs Pharma

Double Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, coined the term "orthomolecular" in 1968 in an article he published in the journal Science which was titled "Orthomolecular Psychiatry." [3] In 1970, he wrote the bestselling book Vitamin C and the Common Cold. [4] In it is a chapter where he criticizes the pharmaceutical industry of the time for selling toxic chemicals as cold remedies when all humanity needed to know was to take high levels of ascorbate to neutralize viral infections.

Also in the 1970s, Pauling's colleague at Stanford, Dr. Robert Cathcart treated thousands of people for various diseases in his private practice using only oral ascorbic acid. His research showed us that any viral infection could be addressed by raising the ascorbate level in the body high enough. [5] So viruses, even viral pneumonia, handled by people who are "skilled at taking vitamin C" as Cathcart put it, were a non-issue. Essentially Cathcart showed that, to the robust human mutant called Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus, viruses are a non-issue. [6]

Also by the 1970's, the pharmaceutical industry apparently had been granted controlling influence by the mass media and governments of the world, and had a huge influence on the information distributed through our educational systems. They had essentially programmed humanity into building a dependency on their industry and products. They took control of both sides of every argument, arguing that vitamin C was important for every human, and that everyone needed to take vitamin C daily only in MILLIGRAM quantities, and they propagated rumors about the dangers of overdosing vitamin C. Mainstream medicine marginalized the information that Pauling was trying to get out, shoved his message off into a hidden corner, and those of us who grew up in the 60's and 70's simply weren't trained to understand vitamin C and our human need for vitamin C. Today, the mainstream is still trapped in a model that was essentially obsoleted by Pauling and his orthomolecular colleagues in the 1970s. This industrial medicine model leads us astray from optimal health for ourselves and our children, even though it claims to offer "advanced" solutions.

Fortunately, Pauling's Orthomolecular medicine continued to develop over the decades, in the background, and it continues to evolve today, healing people using only proper doses of nutrients. [7,8] Today, orthomolecular medicine, with only nutrients in its tool chest, is a serious competitor to the dominant pharmaceutical medicine model. Many of orthomolecular treatments are effective at relieving disease in a few hours or even a few minutes, as in the case of using vitamin C in a nebulizer for lung issues like asthma. [9] And it's very easy for any human to prove that taking a few grams of vitamin C every 15 or 30 minutes during a day can shut down a virus, any virus, even a "novel" virus. [10,11]

Orthomolecular Farming

Somewhat battered by the dominant "health care" paradigm, my wife, Kira, and I started livestock farming with a commitment to living in a new paradigm: being pharmaceutical free and chemical free in all of our living and farming methods. We had knowledge and experience using vitamin C when we started this 160-acre farm. We had already used it for things like shutting down viral pneumonia and eliminating Kira's dependency on epi-pens when she got stung by a wasp, and we used it to help a horse heal a broken hip bone. I had personally shut down many colds and other viruses in a day or two and was discovering how I could prevent sunburn and other radiation damage using Vitamin C and E [12, 13]. We kept my handicapped son Cameron going for years beyond his life expectancy by high dosing him with vitamin C when he had respiratory issues. We already had one grandchild, Helios, who was a vitamin C baby, and since then, we've welcomed more vitamin C baby grandchildren.

Each of these cascading experiences are powerful revelations on our journey to a new paradigm based on truth. Through our personal experiences, and by contrasting our gullibility earlier in life with the dramatic health benefits we realized and observed by high dosing vitamin C, we are becoming . . .

A New Farmer Species

One cause of "circling disease" in cattle is listeriosis, an infection that inflames the covering of the cow brain, similar to meningitis in humans. [14] In the mainstream veterinary model, this is a fatal disease in cows. A circling cow is about to die without massive antibiotic treatment, and even with that expensive treatment, it's most likely to die. But with an understanding of the biochemistry of ascorbate in animals, this is a simple disease to treat, completely resolvable within hours. [15].

As orthomolecular practitioners with extensive experience dealing with all kinds of animal and human health issues using only high dose nutrients, we are simply not impressed by the mainstream COVID19 misinformation. Since we started this farm, we have been telling people that we are immersed in misinformation: lies about raw milk being dangerous, lies about food additives being safe, lies and obfuscation about nutrients, lies about vaccines being safe and useful, and, by omission, about the importance and power of a balanced microbiome in the soil, plants, animals, and humans.

When you have proven for yourself the truth, the lies have no traction. We have become, in essence, immune to the lies.

Mask-free, Gloves-free, Disinfectant-free

I titled this article "COVID19 vs Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus" because I think one of the main things we've proven in the years on this farm, and continue to prove daily, is Irwin Stone's hypothesis. On this farm, we strive to match the levels of vitamin C in our bodies that animals produce. In doing so, we have become the robust human mutants that Irwin Stone predicted was possible all the way back in 1979. The reason we don't worry about viruses, even novel viruses, is because they don't affect the animals here and they don't affect the homo sapiens ascorbicus farmers that we have become.

To the robust mutant, I have to say that the world has looked very strange for a long time, way before the COVID19 craze.

Out in the world, back when we were "original-recipe" homo sapiens, we were ignorantly downing food additives like polysorbate-80 (an emulsifier) in processed foods assuming it was safe, when in actuality it was damaging our gut microbiome, and we were injecting the same additive in vaccines to "boost the immunity of our children," when in actuality it was opening up their blood brain barriers to the flow of more toxins.

Now, as transformed mutants, we no longer buy into the logic behind these practices. Homo sapiens ascorbicus aren't affected by, and certainly don't fear, viruses. So using pharmaceutical products to treat disease or alter our immune systems or the immune systems of our animals doesn't make any sense.

As homo sapiens ascorbicus, we choose not to comply with unconstitutional dictates like masks, gloves, and Purell to avoid a disease that will never affect us. To our subspecies, those dictates look positively tyrannical. We know how to prevent viral infection using vitamin C, and, fortunately, we also know that high dosing vitamin C will protect us from the carcinogenic "sanitation" products being sprayed and spread freely now from shopping cart to shopping cart, on plexiglass and pin pads, and airborne in the stores that we must frequent in our quest to recruit and transform new homo sapiens ascorbicus. If you happen to see a maskless farmer in the crowd, you may be looking at one of the new, robust homo sapiens ascorbicus "mutants" that Irwin Stone predicted back in 1979. We are that new orthomolecular "species."

A New Model

One of the founding quotes of our farm is from Buckminster Fuller, who was a brilliant contemporary of Linus Pauling. Fuller said, "You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete."

For the last decade, we have been busy building a new reality, a farm community that homo-sapiens ascorbicus prefer to live in, one that better fits our robust mutant transformation. In observing the happenings of 2020, it seems that the existing reality, which is currently dominated by homo sapiens (original version), is failing and fading away into fear and overdue obsolescence. The new model is ours for the building, and the new model will be occupied by fearless mutants of the species homo sapiens ascorbicus and many others who, in their own way, have transcended the hysteria of the mainstream narrative.

So that's an orthomolecular farmer's response to COVID19. If you haven't already figured out your relationship to ascorbic acid, ascorbate, the healing factor, vitamin C, you might want to. It will change your life. However, be aware that you may become a robust human mutant as well and you may find yourself with a naked face in a crowd of masked homo-sapiens who live in an obsolete reality.

(Theo Farmer administers the Facebook and MeWe groups titled "Vitamin C and Animals." He is also the author of the children's book Buttercup, Me and Vitamin C, a free pdf download at )

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