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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 10, 2017

No Deaths from Vitamins in France, Either.
Naturally, the News Media Got it Wrong

Commentary by Andrew W. Saul, Editor

(OMNS, Jan 10, 2017) No one died from vitamin D in France, or anywhere else. The media has much-ballyhooed a very sad incident of the recent death of a baby. This had to do with suffocation by aspirated (inhaled) liquid.

Here is the story, France/Monde | L'Uvestérol D suspendu après le décès d'un bébé, ( in translation:

(French Health Minister) Marisol Touraine : "I want to reassure parents who have given vitamin D, in whatever form, to their children: they are safe," said the minister, adding that "only Uvestérol D is concerned by this review, not the other products based on vitamin D. "

A 10-day-old infant died at home on December 21, after cardiorespiratory arrest, after receiving a dose of Uvester D. He showed signs of suffocation "immediately after administration of the product two hours after feeding.

The Minister stresses that it is the specific mode of administration of the product that poses risks, not vitamin D in itself. Ucerol D is present in liquid form in a flask, the dose to be administered is extracted with a pipette.

The product leaflet says, "Always administer the product before feeding or feeding the bottle"; place the "awake" child "in semi-sitting position"; let the child suck the syringe or run the product "drop by drop."

Vitamin D did not cause this death or any other death. Suffocation did. Infants can choke on anything, and parents and caregivers try so hard to be sure it never happens. The fact that is becomes headline news when it does adds insult to injury. And to blame vitamins is false, manipulative, and harmful to children.

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