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The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 13, 2nd Quarter 1998


Hemorrhagic Stroke in Human Pretreated with Coenzyme Q10: Exceptional Recovery As Seen in Animal Models

JTA Ely, PhD; HH Fudenberg, MD; Eg Bliznakov, MD; Jd Branch, DO

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Minimizing neurologic injury from stroke is still the elusive goal of large scale controlled clinical trials of new synthetic agents whose efficacy is dependent upon prompt post-insult administration. In 26 years of animal model stroke studies, one substance that afforded a markedly higher degree of protection than all others tested was a normal endogenous molecule, coenzymeQlO(Q10). Because of increasing worldwide use of Q10, we are able serendipidously to report on possibly the first observation of a human recoveringalmost completely from an unexpected cerebral hemorrhage following four weeks of pretreatrnent wilh. Q10 at a pharmacologic dose commonly employed for a wide variety of disorders. Clearly, clinical studies are needed to confirm.

The significance of our observed result These would be facilitated by the safety and, efficacy of QlO already proven in nine large scale international trials in cardiomyopathy, etc., and its apparent, benefits in numerous disorders, in- cluding AIDS and possibly aging itself. However, the confirmation should, be done in trials specifically designed for stroke because of delection difficulty arising from the anticipated protection. If confirmed, this result does not diminish the urgent need for development of S)'nthetic stroke agents, but may facilitate their realization by decreasing the protective functions needed from the agent.

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