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The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 13, 2nd Quarter 1998


The Body's Negative Response to Excess Dietary Protein Consumption

MT Morter, Jr. BS, MA, DC; A Panfili, MD

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A clinical study of 100 patients reveals that persons who eat large quantities of dietary protein (more than 30g/day) generate high levels ofacidwhich must be neutralized before being eliminated from the body. This paper reports the findings of the clinical case study on the effect of acid versus alkaline residue on the body's homeostasis. and the theory that human daily protein consumption is excessive and conducive to ill health. The impact of ammonia on wine pH is also critical factor in this examination, as are the transformation of urine from acid to alkaline, and differences between alkaline urine of a vegetarian and alkaline urine of a heavy protein eater.

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