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The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 11, 2nd Quarter 1996


The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

SA Rogers, MD

How the Sick Get Sicker by Following Current Medical Protocol: the Example of Undiagnosed Magnesium Deficiency

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Medicine is a strange field. Eventhough one of the roles of research biochemists is to make important discoveries about human health, doctors in general do not read the biochemistry research journals. Instead, they read medical journals which are often 10 to 45 years behind the actual scientific discoveries. And should anyone take a preview peek into the literature and report it before some mysterious self-appointed authority in medicine does, the information has been down through history. (and even into this very moment in history) proclaimed as unsubstantiated.

Oddly enough, however, this mystrious self-appointed keeper of the facts can rely on being believed, even if its conclusions are erroneous, for rarely does any physician return to the biochemistry litterature to see if indeed what was said is true. This innominate group actually descides what shall and shall not be publicized, despite obvious benefits to mankind. It is almost as though there is an unwritten rule, "It shall not be discovered and announced and taken for common knowledge until we are ready."

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