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Official Journal of the Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry
Volume 10 - 3rd Quarter 1981

Book Reviews:

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A. Hotter and H. Osmond
Page 146 (Download Full Text PDF)


An Exploratory Study of the Use of Nutritional Approaches in the Treatment of Suicide-Prone Persons
Leonard J. Hippchen, Ph.D.
Page 147 (Download Full Text PDF)

The Decline of Catatonic Schizophrenia
Donald I. Tempter, Ph.D. and David M. Velebor, M.A.
Page 156 (Download Full Text PDF)

Psychiatric Significance of the Plasma Concentrations of Magnesium and Vitamin B1
in Alcoholism and Delirium Tremens: Alcohol is a Biological Solvent

M.J.AJ.M. Hoes, M.D.
Page 159 (Download Full Text PDF)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Perceptual Dysfunctions, Hyperactivity and Learning Disabilities
Page 166 (Download Full Text PDF)

Room Color and Aggression in A Criminal Detention Holding Cell: A Test of the "Tranquilizing Pink" Hypothesis
Robert J. Pellegrini, Ph.D., Alexander G. Schauss, M.A., and Michael E. Miller
Page 174 (Download Full Text PDF)

Changes in Rat Intestinal Villi After Challenge with Wheat Protein
E.W. Williams, M.D.
Page 182 (Download Full Text PDF)

The Mentally Ill in the Eighties
Robert Sommer, Ph.D. and Humphry Osmond, M.D.
Page 193 (Download Full Text PDF)

Caffeine Psychological Effects, Use and Abuse
Sanford Bolton, Ph.D. and Gary Null, M.S.
Page 202 (Download Full Text PDF)

A New Approach to Sidereal Sleeplessness
Joseph T. Hart, M.D.
Page 212 (Download Full Text PDF)

Book Reviews:

Marital Choices - by William J. Lederer,
David R. Hawkins, M.D
Page 215 (Download Full Text PDF)

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