Sandra C. Denton, M.D.
Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic
3333 Denali Street #100
Anchorage, AK 99503 USA
Phone: (907) 563-6200
Fax: (907) 561-4933
Email: aamc@myexcel.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.


Michael W. Broeg
Clearsprings Health Center
178 Clearspring Lane
Harrison, AR 72601 USA
Phone: (870) 427-5294
Email: clear@ozarkmountains.com
Website: www.clearspringshealth.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Detoxification, Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Chiropractic therapy, non-drug alternatives.


Alan K. Ketover, M.D.
10565 N. Tatum Blvd. #B-115
Phoenix, AZ 85253 USA
Phone: (602) 381-0800
Type of Practitioner: M.D. and a licensed Homeopathy doctor
Type of Treatments: Full screen complete with hair analysis, careful search for contaminants, pesticides, toxic metals, etc. then a course of nutritional therapy to restore health.

Clark Hansen, N,M.D.
Arizona Institute of Natural Medicine
8040 E. Morgan Trail
Suite 23
Scottsdale, AZ 85258 USA
Phone: (480) 991-5092
Fax: (480) 991-0833
Email: drhansen@nutracor.com
Website: www.drhansen.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Physician
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, Herbal, Clinical, Nutrition.

Gordon Josephs, MD (H)
Clelationcare, USA, LLC
7315 E. Evans Roads
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA
Phone: (480) 998-9232
Fax: (480) 998-1528
Email: gjosephs@clelationcare.com
Website: www.clelationcare.com
Type of Practitioner:
Licensed Homeopath, Az
Licensed Osteopath, NY
Licensed Naturopath, Wash. D.C.
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular (vitamins, minerals, brain supplements), heavy metal removal including mercury, acupuncture, electrical microcurrent, homeopathy, herbal products.

Baylah David, Ph.D.
5363 E. Pima, Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85712 USA
Phone: (520) 321-0373 (888) 498-0373
Fax: (520) 323-1336
Email: baylah@uswest.net

Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD
2420 N. Pantano Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85715 USA
Phone: (520) 749-8374
Fax: (520) 296-6640
Email: drdharma@aol.com
Website: www.brain-longevity.com
Type of Practitioner: Anaesthesiologist
Type of Treatments: Total holistic medicine, mind, body exercise, some medication

John V. Dommisse, M.D.
Nutritional & Metabolic TeleMedicine
1840 E. River Road, Ste 210
Cambric Corporate Center
Tucson, AZ 85718-5892 USA
Phone: (520) 577-1940
Fax: (520) 577-1743
Email: John@JohnDommisseMD.com
Website: www.JohnDommisseMD.com
Type of Practitioner: MD and 'Canadian Board' certified psychiatrist (Royal College of Medicine of Canada)
Type of Treatments: Extensive in-depth, listening interviewing; Extensive blood testing for nutritional, metabolic, biochemical deficiencies/abnormalities that often underly so-called 'mental' illness.
These are clinically descriptive diagnoses, not scientifically proven diagnoses.

Alexander P. Cadoux, M.D.
Green Spring Center
6884 E. Sunrise Drive #150
Tucson, AZ 85750 USA
Phone: (520) 529-9668
Fax: (520) 529-9669
Type of Practitioner: MD, Alternative Medicine
Type of Treatments: Supplements, Natural Hormone Therapy, Memory Enhancement Therapy, Nutritional Counseling and others

Lawrence Wilson, M.D.
4950 S. Indian Creek Road
Prescott, AZ 86303 USA
Phone: (520) 445-7690
Fax: (520) 445-7690
Email: Larry@drlwilson.com
Website: www.drlwilson.com
Type of Practitioner: Nutrition Consultant, although I have an M.D. degree.
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, orthomolecular approaches, tissue mineral analysis.


Victoria Batsian
Hollywood Wellness Center
1601 N. Gower Suite 100
Hollywood, CA 90028 USA
Phone: (323) 462-3939
Fax: (323) 462-6600
Email: kitten13@pacbell.net
Type of Practitioner: PH.D. in Holistic Health Sciences, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Metabolic Analyst
Type of Treatments: Corrections of metabolic imbalances, extensive detoxification progrms of the liver, blood, lymphatic, cardio-vascular and digestive systems.

David S. Minken, D.C.
David S. Minken Chiropractic
4851 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029 USA
Phone: (323) 953-5901
Fax: (323) 953-8258
Email: minkenchiropractic@juno.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic, Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Advanced BioStructural Correction, Applied Kinesiology, Exercise program, Metabolic Typing Diet

Elisa S. Lottor, Ph.D, N.D.
Pacifica Women's Health
11101 Venice Blvd (main office)
Los Angeles, CA 90034 USA
Phone: (310) 840-5755 or (805) 382-9786
Fax: (310) 840-5758
Email: ELotto@aol.com
Website: www.findings.net/lottor.html
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath, Nutritionist, Homeopathy
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, botanicals

Terry V. Eagan, M.D.
Shelia Solar, M.D.
Bridges to Recovery
P. O. Box 351809
Los Angeles, CA 90035 USA
Phone: (877) 727-4343
Email: info@bridgestorecovery.com
Website: http://bridgestorecovery.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Nutritionist, Neurologist
Type of Treatments: Nutritional counseling, physical fitness training, art, music and humor therapy, yoga, meditation, biofeedback, EMDR

Anita Mary Pepi, DC
Health Improvement Center
2950 Los Feliz #101
Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA
Phone: (323) 666-1088
Fax: (323) 666-8969
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, allergy handling, toxic metal handlings, non-force spinal adjustments, find reason via electromagnetic testing and bloodwork

Murray Susser, M.D.
2211 Corinth Avenue #204
Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA
Phone: (310) 966-9194
Fax: (310) 966-9196
Type of Practitioner: M.D., General Practitioner
Type of Treatments: Full exams, full lab testing, allergy testing, nutritional testing, heavy metals testing, chelation, hormonal treatments.

Tod Thoring, N.D.
Oasis Healing Center
12114 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA
Phone: (310) 313-3434
Email: DrThoring@mediaone.net
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Doctor, Graduate of Bastyr University
Type of Treatments: Clinical nutrition, homeopathy, lifestyle counseling, herbs, allergy testing

Karima Hirani, M.D.
Hirani Wellness Medical Center
12732 W. Washington Blvd
Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA
Phone: (310) 577-0753
Email: office@drhirani.com
Website: www.drhirani.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., MPH, Nutritionist, Board Certified
Type of Treatments: Diet modification, supplements, EFAs, IV vitamin and mineral drugs, IV amino acids, IV glutathion,electrical and traditional accupuncture, see website

Cathie Lippman, MD
291 S. La Cienega Blvd Suite 207
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA
Phone: (310) 289-8430
Fax: (310) 289-8165
Email: cathielipp@aol.com
Website: www.5pillars.com/cathielippman
Type of Practitioner: MD: Environmental and Preventive Medicine
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, herbs, nutrients, magnets.

Gustavo H. Vintas, M.D.
Healing Dialogue
9735 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 418
Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA
Phone: (310) 275-2960
Fax: (310) 550-7424
Email: vintas@msn.com
Type of Practitioner: Certified Psychiatrist and Child Psychiatrist
Master of Arts in Homeopathic Medicine
Type of Treatments: Alternative medicine; Allopathic medicine

Jeff Schwartz
Eating Disorder Center of CA - EDCCA
27162 Sea Vista Drive
Malibu, CA 90265 USA
Phone: (310) 457-9958
Email: edcc@montenido.com
Website: http://www.edcca.com
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionists, psychotherapists, M.D.s
Type of Treatments: Many styles of alternative health

Cynthia Watson, M.D.
530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 203
Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA
Phone: (310) 393-0937
Fax: (310) 587-3461
Email: cynthia@cynthiawatson.com
Website: www.cynthiawatson.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Family Practice, Integrative Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, diet, lifestyle changes, medical workup

Laurel Binder
Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness
1227 Lincoln Blvd. #212
Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA
Phone: (310) 262-7839
Email: ltgal@aol.com
Website: http://lbinder.com
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist, Nurse Practitioner
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, Western treatments

Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D.
1821 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90403 USA
Phone: (310) 828-4175
Fax: (310) 828-4324
Type of Practitioner: Medical Doctor
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, Accupuncture, Nutrition, Metabolic testing, NAET

Stuart H. Garber, D.C. Ph.D.
1137 Second Street, Ste. 119
Santa Monica, CA 90403-5073 USA
Phone: (310) 458-3773
Email: info@drgarber.net
Type of Practitioner: D.C., Ph.D. - Homeopathist
Type of Treatments: Classical Homeopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Nutrition, Hormone Balancing, Detoxification

Veaney McIrvin
530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 203
The Verona Buildng
Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA
Phone: (310) 463-6038
Email: Veaney@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Nutrition
Supplementation/Herbal/Nutritional Homeopathy

Ken H. Smythe
Being There 1-2-1
1946 Foothill Blvd.
La Canada, CA 91011 USA
Phone: (818) 957-8737
Fax: (818) 957-4954
Email: ken@beingthere121.org
Website: www.beingthere121.org
Type of Treatments: Mentoring, social rehabilitation, living skills, community integration.

Chester B. Howard
Chester Howard, L.C.S.W.
689 E. Walnut Street
Pasadena, CA 91101 USA
Phone: (626) 577-3922
Fax: (626) 577-5153
Email: cbhoward@earthlink.net
Type of Practitioner: Holistic Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Consultant
Type of Treatments: Body Psychotherapy - mind, body and soul. Not a talk therapy. Work with nutritionists and holistic MDs.

Stuart Shipko, M.D.
97 W. Bellevue Drive
Pasadena, CA 91105 USA
Phone: (626) 577-8290
Email: shipko@ix.netcom.com
Website: www.algy.com/pdi
Type of Practitioner: Medical Doctor
Type of Treatments: Helping patients to get off psychiatric drugs, evaluation for underlying medical problems, supplements, herbs, diet, exercise.

Lynn Ryan, N.D., Ph.D.
745 So. Marengo Pky #106
Pasadena, CA 91106 USA
Phone: (626) 405-1455
Email: DrNature@DrNature.net
Website: www.DrNature.net
Type of Practitioner: N.D./Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine M.A. in Psychology
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, herbs, biofeedback and EFT, NLP, Holistic Counseling

Ilona Abraham, M.D.
Advanced Medical Clinic
17815 Ventura Blvd. Suite 111
Encino, CA 91316 USA
Phone: (818) 345-8721
Fax: (818) 345-7150
Email: info@antiaging-techniques.com
Website: www.antiaging-techniques.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Full medical exam, metal detoxifying, lab testing, nutritional treatments, and others.

Marge Hartwig, M.H., N.D.
Herbal Education Research Foundation
11342 Glamis Street
Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 USA
Phone: (818) 899-1034
Fax: (818) 899-8050
Email: marge@herbcoach.com
Website: www.herbcoach.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Herbs, Nutrition, Flower Essences, Cleansing and Essential Oils

Gary E. Erkfritz, D.C.
Laurie Monteleone, M. Hom.
187 E. Wilbur Road, Ste. 1
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 USA
Phone: (805) 371-8082
Email: naetdoc@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Cranio-sacral therapist
Type of Treatments: Network Chiropractic, Cranio-sacral, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Essential Oils, Flower Remedies, Allergy Elimination (NAET), Brain Gym

Melissa Metcalfe, B.S. N.D.
Natural Solutions
870 Hampshire Road Suite E
Westlake Village, CA 91361 USA
Phone: (805) 374-7363
Fax: (805) 374-7365
Email: dr.melissa@naturalsolutions.com
Website: www.naturalsolutions.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Physician
Type of Treatments: Comprehensive natural healthcare practice featuring nutrition, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, homeopathy, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, exercise, etc.

Marcy Sproull, L.Ac.
23123 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 104-A
Woodland Hills, CA 91364 USA
Phone: (818) 225-1264
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Marilynn Snow Jones, D.C.
Center for Wellness and Longevity
23161 Ventura Blvd. Ste 209
Woodland Hills, CA 91364 USA
Phone: (818) 222-2080
Fax: 818-222-1437
Email: wholistichealer@earthlink.net
Website: www.wholistichealer.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Non-force Chiropractic, NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Clinical Nutrition, Detoxification, Stress Management, etc.

Tonya Brooks, Licensed Midwife
Dr. Swerdloff, Victoria Arcardi, D,C,
Natural Birth & Women's Associates
14140 Magnolia Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 USA
Phone: (818) 386-1082
Fax: (818) 386-9374
Email: nbwc@ix.netcom
Website: www.gr8birth.com
Type of Practitioner: Consultations and test for various things, such as hormone testing. She refers to qualified practitioners.
Type of Treatments: Homeopathic, non-drug, herbal supplements. In general, natural remedies

Nancy Mullan, M.D.
2829 W. Burbank Blvd.
Suite 202
Burbank, CA 91505 USA
Phone: (818) 954-9267
Fax: (818) 954-0620
Email: MullanMD@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Nutritional Psychiatry
Type of Treatments: Nutritional Therapy, Allergy Testing, Herbal Therapy, Heavy Metals Testing and Treatment.
Charlene Thorburn, D.C.
Thorburn Chiropractic and Wellness Center
1612 W. Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506 USA
Phone: 818-841-1313
Website: Coming Soon!
Type of Practitioner: Doctor of Chiropractic
Type of Treatments: Lab work, food allergies, body purification, tutoring, nutrition, chiropractic, no TV, enough sleep.

Marla L. Scripter, RN, DC
Aquire Wellness! Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Nutrition
2121 West Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506 USA
Phone: (818) 843-9510
Email: AcquireWellness@earthlink.net
Website: www.AcquireWellness.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Registered Nurse
Type of Treatments: Sacro Occipital Technique, other low-force techniques, Kinesiology, Dietary Correction, Whole Foods Concentrates, Phytotherapy (herbs), physical rehabilitaion, posture correction.

Craig Jace ND, DOM, LAc, PA-C
Ram Prakash, MD
Jac Biointegrative Center
10843 Magnolia Blvd #1
North Hollywood, CA 91601 USA
Phone: (818) 505-8610
Fax: (818) 505-8630
Website: www.jacemedical.com
Type of Practitioner: MD, ND
Type of Treatments: Herbal, Acupuncture, nutritional, IV nutrients, injectin therapy, homeopathy, drug therapy, neurofeedback

Gary Sztanski
Toluca Lake Medical Management
10202 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, CA 91602 USA
Phone: (818) 760-3611
Fax: (818) 506-1739
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Supplements and diet
Use Psychiatric diagnosis? (such as 'ADD', 'Schizophrenia'): No

Ronald Wempen, M.D.
The Environmental Medical Center of Orange County
14795 Jeffrey Road #101
Irvine, CA 91618 USA
Phone: (949) 551-8751
Fax: (949) 551-1272
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Environmental Medicine (Nutrition, Allergy Testing)
Type of Treatments: Allergy testing, search for chronic microorganisms and toxic metals.

David Linck, ND
428 West Harrison Avenue 101-C
Claremont, CA 91711 USA
Phone: (909) 399-1960
Email: rlinck@linckhealth.com
Website: www.linckhealth.com
Type of Practitioner: HHP, NC, ND
Type of Treatments: Nutritional counseling, Herbal support, Applied kinesiology, homeopathic, aromatherapy and other alternative therapies.

James Privitera, M.D.
256 W. San Bernardino Road
Covina, CA 91723. USA
Phone: (626) 966-1618
Fax: (626) 966-7226
Website: www.privitera.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. Alternative medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, allergy testing, chelation, hair analysis, etc.

David Getoff
19096 Deerhorn Valley Road
Jamul, CA
San Diego, CA 91935 USA
Phone: (619) 468-6846
Website: www.naturopath4U.com
Type of Practitioner: Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Diet, vitamins, herbs, glandulars, homeopathy, Enderlein remedies (Swedish homeopathic remedies), colon cleansing, exercise, flower essences and others

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
2923 Sandy Pointe Ste. 6
Del Mar, CA 92014 USA
Phone: (858) 792-7463
Email: ed@edreferral.com
Website: http://www.edreferral.com
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionists, Psychotherapists, M.D.s
Type of Treatments: Many styles of alternative health

David Shannahoff-Khalsa
P.O. Box 2708
Del Mar, CA 92014 USA
Phone: (858) 755-0539
Email: dsk@ucsd.edu
Website: www.theinternetyogi.com
Type of Practitioner: Kundalini Yoga Mediatation Therapy
Type of Treatments: A wide variety of Kundalini Yoga meditation techniques specific for a range of mental disorders, specializing in OCD and other anxiety related disorders.

Gabrielle Traub
5705 La Jolla Blvd
San Diego (La Jolla), CA 92037 USA
Phone: (858) 531-5279/ (858) 459-2158
Email: gabitraub@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: Doctor of Homeopathy
Type of Treatments: Homeopathic medicines mostly. Sometimes herbal medicines or nutritional supplementation.

Priscilla Anne Slagle, MD
The Way Up
946 Avenida Palos Verdes
Palm Springs, CA 92262-5714 USA
Phone: 760-323-4259
Fax: 760-322-7608
Email: pslagle@thewayup.com
Website: www.TheWayUp.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Diet supplements, diet changed, herbs, natural hormones

Allan Sosin, M.D.
Institute for Progressive Medicine
16100 Sand Canyon Avenue Suite 240
Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Phone: (949) 753-8889
Fax: (949) 753-0410
Email: sandcanyonmed@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Internal Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Stress management, IV treatments, allergies, heavy metal detox

Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.
East-West Wellness and Pain Center
2790 Harbor Blvd Ste. 300
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA
Phone: 714-556-8664
Email: drtong@drtong.com
Website: www.drtong.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. - trained in Anesthesiology
Type of Treatments: Neuro-BioEnergetics (injection of acupuncture points), acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition.

Kenneth Connor
Shannon Connor
631 Irvine Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92663 USA
Phone: (949) 642-0888
Fax: (949) 942-5660
Email: DrShannon@earthlink.net & KCDC@earthlink.net
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor, Upper Cervical Specialist
Type of Treatments: Upper Cervical Treatments, well versed in nutrition and other holistic practices

Nancy Savinelli, MA, ND
New Health Solutionz
30100 Crown Valley Parkway, Ste. 35
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 USA
Phone: (949) 495-0606
Fax: (949) 493-4877
Email: nsavinelli@cox.net
Website: www.nsavinelli.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath, Certified EEG Biofeedback
Type of Treatments: Whole food vitamins and nutrition, detoxification, QXCI & Bicomm Energy Medicine, Microcurrent for pain and muscle tone, Loomis Enzyme protocol, Hormone Saliva test, Hormone balancing, Female issues

Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., FACP, FACAAI
720 North Tustin Avenue
Suite 206
Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA
Phone: (714) 565-1032
Fax: (714) 565-1035
Email: drkaslow@drkaslow.com
Website: drkaslow.com
Type of Practitioner: Medical Doctor (UCLA 1984)
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Appropriate supplementation, NET, TFT, etc.

Allen Green, M.D.
Center for Optimum Health
18153 Brookhurst
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA
Phone: (714) 378-5656
Fax: (714) 378-5650
Email: info@c4oh.com
Website: In Progress
Type of Practitioner: M.D.

Marcus Ettinger
Advanced Healing Arts Institute
1442 Irvine Blvd., Suite 101
Tustin, CA 92780 USA
Phone: (714) 544-3900
Fax: (714) 544-2731
Email: drme@earthlink.net
Website: www.advancedhealing.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Holistic medicine, any nutritional means, diagnostic testing including allergy and hormonal

Robert Woodson, Ph.D.
Louise Werner, M.A.
28 Parker Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA
Phone: (805) 564-3467
Fax: (805) 564-2147
Email: bob@ottbiolight.com louise@ottbiolight.com
Website: www.ottbiolight.com
Type of Practitioner: Providers of light therapy systems to relieve problems of seasonal an non-seasonal depression, PMS and sleep disorders
Type of Treatments: Use to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, breast, colon and prostrate cancer. We recommend medical consultation followed by prescribed light therapy treatment

Jacob Bastomski, D.C., D.I.B.C.N
State Street Chiropractic
1625 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA
Phone: (805) 569-5000
Fax: (805) 687-7737
Email: jacob@drbastomski.com
Website: drbastomski.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor and board certified chiropractic neurologist
Type of Treatments: Diet modification, nutritional supplements, spinal adjustments.

Luc Maes
Maes Center for Natural Health Care
19 E. Mission Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA
Phone: (805) 563-8660
Fax: (805) 563-8662
Email: doctor@maescenter.com
Website: www.maescenter.com
Type of Practitioner: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Doctor of Chiropractic Classical Homepath
Type of Treatments: Classical Homeopathy Clinical nutrition, botanical, detox Applied Kinesiology

Alice Hanlon, MS, BA, CNC
Mariposa Healing Arts
P. O. Box 117655
Burlingame, CA 94011-7655 USA
Phone: (650) 558-1808
Email: alice@mariposa-nutrition.com
Website: VitalityBites.com
Type of Practitioner: Clinical Nutritionist (Consultations in San Francisco and San Mateo area)
Type of Treatments: Nutritional therapy, Natural Diet strategies and supplement plans

Harry Wong, D.C.
Physicians Plus Medical Group
1391 Woodside Road, Suite 200
Redwood City, CA 94028 USA
Phone: (650) 365-7775
Fax: (650) 365-7896
Email: docwong@aol.com
Website: www.docwong.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, Herbal Therapies

Chris Asimos
Comprehensive Health Consulting Services
503 Dolores Street, Suite 205
700 E.Street, Suite 201, San Rafael
San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
Phone: (415) 679-0400
Fax: (415) 485-5554
Email: c.asimos@gte.net
Type of Practitioner: Research Psychologist with medical/clinical backgroud
Type of Treatments: Applied kinesiology (TFT), Biofeedback

Richard A. Kunin, MD
2698 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94115 USA
Phone: (415) 346-2500
Fax: (415) 346-4991
Type of Practitioner: Orthomolecular Medicine and Psychiatry (Orthomolecular means: "putting nutrition first in treatment and diagnosis"
Type of Treatments: Nutrients, herbs, hormones, enzymes and a few pharmaceuticals

Mark Filidei, D.O.
San Francisco Preventive Medical Group
345 West Portal Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94127 USA
Phone: (415) 566-1000
Fax: (415) 665-6732
Website: www.SFPMG.com
Type of Practitioner: D.O.
Type of Treatments: Nutritional supplements, natural hormone therapy, IV therapy (vitamins, etc.), searching exams

Alan Brauer, M.D.
Totalcare Medical Center
630 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA
Phone: (650) 329-8001
Website: totalmedicalcenter.com
Type of Practitioner: Psychiatrist/Neurologist
Type of Treatments: Supplements, Vitamins, Amino Acids

Mark Taube
Optimal Health Center
530 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA
Phone: (650) 327-9227
Email: mark555@worldnet.att.net
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Homeopathy

Astara Marcia, M.F.A. World Music, N.D.
Homeopathy (India/U.S.)
Global Music and Healing Arts
3790 El Camino #396
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA
Phone: (650) 568-1100
Email: globalmusichealingarts@yahoo.com
Type of Practitioner: Homeopath, Naturopathy-Sound Healer, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Light and Color Therapist, Medical Intuitive, Yoga Teach
Type of Treatments: Combination of treatments which are individually suited for patients needs according to individual requirements.
To describe behavior ONLY.

Jeremiah W. Anderson
Organic Superfoods International
20003 Summerridge Drive
Castro Valley, CA 94552 USA
Phone: (510) 537-8855
Fax: (801) 749-7214
Email: searanch@ix.netcom.com
Website: www.celltech.com
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Better digestion and assimilation of foods and better nutrition through supplements and protection against free radical damage.

Eleanor Hynote, M.D.
Phoenix Medical Group
935 Trancas Street
Napa, CA 94558 USA
Phone: (707) 255-4172
Fax: (707) 255-2605
Email: phoenixmedgrp@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Internist and Clinical Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Nutritional Therapy

Timothy J. Smith, M.D.
2635 Regent Street
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
Phone: (510) 548-8022
Fax: (510) 843-9998
Email: TSmith7720@aol.com
Website: www.renewalresearch.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, natural hormone replacement therapy

Peter Fairfield, L.Ac., OMD
Center for Conscioius Healing
15 Mt. Whitney Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903 USA
Phone: (415) 479-6217
Fax: (415) 499-9327
Email: fairfield@lvha.net
Website: www.infiniteheart.org (coming soon)
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist, Oriental, Natural & Energetic medicine
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Nutrition, Energy Healing, Cranial Sacral, etc.

Wendi Jones
P. O. Box 21
Fairfax, CA 94930 USA
Phone: (415) 785-1636
Email: faeryshine@faeryshine.com
Website: www.faeryshine.com
Type of Practitioner: Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner
Type of Treatments: Flower and Vibrational Essences and nutritional and supplemental therapy.

Claudia O'Flynn
Metabolic Nutritional Consulting
104 Washington Street
Petaluma, CA 94952 USA
Phone: (888) 271-7474
Fax: (707) 765-9633
Type of Practitioner: Metabolic Nutritional Consultant. Nursing graduate in Canada since 1978.
Type of Treatments: Simple, sensible solutions - Nutrition, Metabolic Repair, Balancing the body. Full body detoxification program.

Royale Shelton
World of Alternative Health
1735 46th Avenue Suite A
Capitola, CA 95010 USA
Phone: (831) 462-0902
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Various remedies are taught. Magnets, colloidal silver, herbs and supplements mostly.

John L. Price. Ph. D.
100 Moutain Charlie Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066 USA
Phone: (831) 461-0857
Email: drjlp@earthlink.net
Type of Practitioner: Holistic Mental Health Care Consultant, Counselor, Teacher
Type of Treatments: Consultation and Education of Individuals, Families, Groups, Facility Residents and Staff for Holistic Mental Health Care for Attainment of Optimal Physical, Nutritional, Design of Healing Environments

Stacy L. Foster
Alternative Medical Consultation
3374 Amberfield Circle
Stockton, CA 95219 USA
Phone: (209) 606-3790
Fax: (209) 957-6954
Email: drstacyfoster@yahoo.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath. Trained in ALL alternative treatment modulities.
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, nutrition, Ayurvedic herbs and supplements, accupressure, hydrotheraphy, etc.

Terri Su, M.D.
Radiant Health Medical Center
95 Montgomery Drive #220
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 USA
Phone: (707) 571-7560
Fax: (707) 571-8929
Email: terrisu@sonic.net
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Family Practice
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, herbs, supplements, physical exams, finding the imbalance and correcting it.

Robert Jay Rowen, M.D.
95 Montgomery Drive Ste. 220
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 USA
Phone: (707) 571-7560
Email: drrowen@att.net
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Alternative Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, homeopathy, chelation, allergy testing, heavy metal testing, etc.

Robert Jay Rowen
Terri B. Su
Golden Gate Health Association
96 Montgomery Drive, Ste. 220
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 USA
Phone: (707) 571-7560
Fax: (707) 571-8929
Email: drrowen@sonic.net
Website: www.doctorrowen.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, heavy metal and chemical detox, herbal, homeopathic, IV nutrients, oxidation, neural therapy, prolo therapy, virtually all forms of integrative strategies available.

Norman Zucker, M.D.
867 Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, CA 95472 USA
Phone: (707) 823-6116
Fax: (707) 823-1239
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Detox, Hormone Therapies, Anti-aging therapies, Counseling, Allergy management, Immune enhancement.

Roger Barr
You can Heal Yourself with Homeopathy
216 W. Perkins, #326
Ukiah, CA 95482 USA
Phone: (707) 472-0434
Email: rbarr@canhealyourself.com
Website: www.canhealyourself.com
Type of Practitioner: Professional Homeopath
Type of Treatments: Classical Homeopathy

Bessie J. Tillman, M.D.
2787 Eureka Way
Redding, CA 96001 USA
Phone: (530) 246-3022
Fax: (530) 246-7894
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Detox, Allergies, Holistic

Lawrence H. Foster. M.D.
The Tahoe Clinic
589 Tahoe Keys Bl.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 USA
Phone: (530) 541-3355
Fax: (530) 541-0110
Email: info@tahoeclinic.com
Website: www.tahoeclinic.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Surgeon/Anti-Aging


John C. Lowe, M.A., D.C.
Gina Honeyman-Lowe, D.C.
Center for Metabolic Health
1800 30th Street, Suite 217-A
Boulder, CO 90301 USA
Phone: (303) 413-9100
Fax: (303) 413-9101
Email: drlowe@drlowe.com
Website: www.drlowe.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Chiropractic, Hormonal, Dietary adjustment, Exercise

Albert Celio, D.O.
9100 West 100th Avenue #B-6
Westminister, CO 80021 USA
Phone: (303) 423-3330
Fax: (303) 423-3863
Type of Practitioner: Doctor of Osteopathy - Family Physician
Type of Treatments: Toxic metal removal, nutrition, and herbs, hormeones

Danielle West, N.D.
Proper Diet - Practical Wellnesses
9088 Ridgeline Blvd, Suite #106
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 USA
Phone: (720) 327-2493
Email: dani@properdiet.com
Website: www.properdiet.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath; Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Natural Hormone Therapy, Work with Digestion and Absorption through diet specific to chemistry of body, also Bach Flowers, EFT, Focusing, Neural Transmitter deficiencies and balancing.

Randy Bimestefer L.Ac.
Acupuncture and Allergy Center
138 W. 5th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204 USA
Email: bimestefer@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist, Herbalist
Type of Treatments: Non-invasive acupuncture, applied kinesiology, diet and nutrition, herbal supplements, commitment and caring

Ron Rosedale, M.D.
Tiffany Binder, NP
Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine
7490 Clubhouse Road
Boulder, CO 80301 USA
Phone: (303) 530-5555
Fax: (303) 530-5522
Type of Practitioner: M.D. and N.P.
Type of Treatments: Look for Syndrom X - Insulin Resistance, Chelation Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, Full Body Testing, Toxic Metals, Metabolic Medicine, Diabetes, Partner is a Naturopath.

Joel B. Klein, M.D.
5455 N. Union Blvd
Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA
Phone: (719) 457-0330
Fax: (719) 457=0860
Email: jklein@pol.net
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, herbal

Sam Queen
Director of Research
Institute for Health Realities
5245 Centennial Blvd. Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919 USA
Phone: (719) 598-4968
Fax: (719) 548-1785
Email: dkgibas@healthrealities.org
Website: www.healthrealities.org
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionists (MDs, dentist and other consultants available)
Type of Treatments: Exhaustive analysis of blood chemistry. Consult on lifestyle changes, exercise, diet, nutrition supplementation, recommendations for toxic condition handlings or other remedies or testing

Bob Mimmack
Renate Cinkle
Naturally Healthy Children/Naturally Healhy Adults
2650 North Avenue
Suite 116
Grand Junction, CO 81501 USA
Phone: (970) 241-9495
Fax: (970) 241-9495
Email: bobmimmack@netzero,net
Type of Practitioner: Holistic Health Facilitator, MD background
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Orthomolecular, Food and chemical sensitivity removal, Energy work

Craig M. Jones. D.C., L. Ac.
Integrated Health Care
600 White Avenue, Suite 102
Grand Junction, CO 81501 USA
Phone: (970) 243-5981
Email: chomsky@gj.net
Website: www.drcraigmjones.com
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Type of Treatments: See above plus Environmental medicine


Ed Feraco, Ph.D.
New England Center for Natural Behavioral Health Services, E
P.O. Box 4051
Old Lyme, CT 06371 USA
Phone: (860) 922-4280
Fax: (401) 348-0025
Email: DrEdFeraco@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Ph.D. (Psychologist) ND (Naturopathic Doctor student)
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutritional consultation, Exercise

Rosemari Roast
Walk in the Woods, LLC
82 Meadow Street
P. O. Box 1658
Litchfield, CT 06759 USA
Phone: (860) 567-9610
Fax: (860) 567-5140
Email: walkinthewoods@5Pillars.com
Type of Practitioner: Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Type of Treatments: Herbal Medicine & Transformational Energy Healing

Susan L. Marra, N.D.
Zijad Sabovic, M.D.
Westport Medical Arts, LLC
830 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880 USA
Phone: (203) 226-4167
Fax: (203) 454-5948
Email: slmarra@earthlink.net
Website: www.westportmedicalarts.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Physician
Medical Doctor in Family Practice
Type of Treatments: Sublingual Immunotherapy
Herbal Medicine
Nutritional Medicine
Chinese Herbs

Hope Stanger, HHC
129 Weed Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902 USA
Phone: (203) 357-0242
Email: hswellness@aol.com
Website: hometown.aol.com/hswellness/myhomepage/index.html
Type of Practitioner: Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Type of Treatments: Holistic Counseling, Chinese medicine, Eastern & Western Nutrition, Somatic/Bioenergetic Therapy, Intuitive Massage/Bodywork & Reiki

Henry C. Sobo, M.D.
Optimal Health Medical, L.LC.
122 Hoyt Street, Suite D
Stamford, CT 06905 USA
Phone: (203) 348-8805
Email: optimalhealthmed@aol.com
Website: www.drsobo.com
Type of Practitioner: Internal Medicine, Nutritional/Holistic Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, allergy testing and treatment, heavy metal testing and treatment, herbs, homeopathy. Medical evaluations for hormonal or other medical problems as an underlying cause of psychiatric disturbance.


Dennis Barrow, L.AC. Dipl. AC
Acupuncture Washington DC
3201 Beach Street NW
Washington, DC 20015 USA
Phone: (202) 213-8059
Fax: (202) 362-5482
Email: DPBarrow@aol.com
Website: www.DennisBarrow.com
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine


Tomm Friend
2929 Turnbull Bay Road
Box 2007
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170 USA
Phone: (904) 423-2227
Fax: (904) 427-4099
Email: Tommfriend@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Biofeedback Clinician-EEG Biofeedback-Hemoencephalography Hypnosis-Remedial Education
Type of Treatments: We utilize Biofeedback training to enable change of physiological responses.

Michel F. Garay
8300 Old Kings Road South #114
Jacksonville, FL 32217 USA
Phone: (904) 730-0160
Email: garayf@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: Doctor of Acupuncture
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, western herbal medicine, chinese herbal medicine, nutrition counseling.

Naima Abdel-Ghany, M.D.
Amal Medical Clinic
340 West 23rd Street Ste #K
Panama City, FL 32405 USA
Phone: (850) 872-8122
Type of Practitioner: Preventive Occupational Medicine; Internal Medicine
Type of Treatments: Infusion, Chelation, Homeopathy

William Watson, M.D.
5536 Stewart St.
Milton, FL 32570 USA
Phone: (850) 623-3836
Fax: (850) 623-2201
Email: w12728e@aol.com
Website: Coming Soon
Type of Practitioner: M.D., General Practice
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Supplements, Diet, Herbs, Chelation

Robert Erickson, M.D.
The Preventative Medicine Center of Gainsville, Inc.
7328 W. University Avenue, Suite G
Gainseville, FL 32607 USA
Phone: (352) 331-3422
Fax: (352) 331-9399
Email: RobertAErickson@msm.com
Type of Practitioner: MD
Type of Treatments: CRA (Contact Reflext Analysis), NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique), Mercury testing, allergy elimination, general medical health.

Tim Moriarty, N.D.
Body Temple Ministry
624 Ridgewood Street
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 USA
Phone: (407) 831-7955
Fax: (407-831-7563
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathetic Doctor, Recki Master, Certified massage Body Worker
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Massage, Recki Therapy

Travis L. Herring, M.D.
106 West Fern Drive
Orange City, FL 32763 USA
Phone: (904) 775-0525
Fax: (904) 775-3911
Website: www.drherringmd.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, Chelation, Beritrine

Samuel Mason, D.C.
500 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803 USA
Phone: (407) 841-4581
Fax: (407) 841-4581
Type of Practitioner: Chiropratic
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Homeopathy

Sal Martingano, D.C.
1320 Palm Bay Road
Palm Bay, FL 32905 USA
Phone: (321) 729-9430
Fax: (321) 676-6049
Email: chiro@cfl.rr.com
Website: www.chirosal.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Supplements, Chiropractic

Marshall Fram, M.D., D.O.
1425 Arthur Street Suite #507
Hollywood, FL 33020 USA
Phone: (954) 925-3140
Type of Practitioner: Medical Doctor & Doctor of Osteopathy
Type of Treatments: Lifestyle, Exercise, Diet, Suppliments, Blood Tests, Hair Tests

Iqlia Hungerford
Hungerford Medical, Inc.
2323 N.E. 26th Avenue, Suite 109
Pompano Beach, FL 33062 USA
Phone: (954) 415-8620
Email: lqliahungerford@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncture Physician
Type of Treatments: Herbal Remedies, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tuina

Martin Dayton, D.O.
Dayton Medical Center
18600 Collins Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33160 USA
Phone: (305) 931-8484
Fax: (305) 936-1849
Email: mddomddo@poi.net
Type of Practitioner: D.O. Homeopathic Physician, Nutrition
Type of Treatments: As above, allergy, toxic eval, deficiency exam, electrodermal screening.

Herbert Pardell, D.O.
19044 NE 29th Avenue
Aventura, FL 33180 USA
Phone: (305) 705-0345
Fax: (305) 705-0437
Email: pardell@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: D.O. = Doctor of Osteopathy, Internal Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, Diet Supplements

Andrew Levinson, M.D.
Vitality Health & Wellness
2999 NE 191 Street, Suite 905
Aventura, FL 33180 USA
Phone: (305) 466-1100
Fax: (305) 466-1160
Email: info@vitalitywellness.com
Website: www.vitalitywellness.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. Orthomolecular Psyhiatrist
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular Medicine, Meditation, Naturopathy, Herbology, Chelation IV Vitamin Therapy, Acupuncture
To describe behavior

David Berger, M.D.
Vitality Health and Wellness
2999 NE 191st Street Suite 905
Aventura, FL 33180 USA
Phone: (305) 466-1100
Fax: (305) 466-1160
Email: info@vitalitywellness.com
Website: www.vitalitywellness.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. Board Certified Pediatrician
Type of Treatments: Special diets, Candida Eliminatio, Nutraceutical Therapies, Heavy Metal Chelation

Tari Ann Toro
Earth Magic - A Holistic Aromatherapy Company
P. O. Box 831983
Miami, FL 33283 USA
Phone: (305) 772-8486
Email: tariann@earth-magick.com
Website: www.holisticaromatherapy.com
Type of Practitioner: Aromatherapist
Type of Treatments: I use medicinal essential oils which can be used to calm depression, lower anxiety, nervous disorders, insomnia, relieve colds, headaches/migranes, allergies, asthma, and respiratory symptoms.

Kimberley Ann Marin, RD, LD, CNAET
Sigrid Sanchez, MD
A Better Way Integrative Medicine
12651 W. Sunshine Blvd
Suite #304
Sunrise, FL 33323 USA
Phone: (954) 845-9999
Fax: (954) 845-9910
Email: kim@abetterwayfl.com
Website: www.abetterwayfl.com
Type of Practitioner: MD, Registered NAET practitioner, Registered Dietition
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, EFT, NAET, Bach Flower & Homeopathic Remedies, Natural Supplements, Color Therapy, Aromotheraphy

Leonard Haimes, M.D.
The Haimes Center Clinic
7300 N. Federal Way #100
Boca Raton, FL 33487 USA
Phone: (561) 995-8484
Fax: (561) 995-7773
Website: www.vitalcoast.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutritional balancing, Homeopathy
Use Psychiatric diagnosis? (such as 'ADD', 'Schizophrenia'): No

Ray C. Wunderlich, Jr. , MD
Wunderlich Center
1152 94th Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33702 USA
Phone: (727) 822-3612
Fax: (727) 578-1370
Email: WCTR@gte.net
Website: www.wunderlichcenter.com
Type of Practitioner: MD, Nutritional Medicine
Type of Treatments: Rest and quiet, nutritional therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, full searching medical exam, allergy testing and treatment, toxic metals testing and treatment, herbal treatment, acupuncture, body contact therapies

David I. Minkoff, M.D.
Lifeworks Wellness Center
301 Turner Street
Clearwater, FL 33756 USA
Phone: (727) 466-6789
Fax: (727) 449-9906
Email: help@lifeworks.net
Website: www.lifeworks.net
Type of Practitioner: MD
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, botanical, allergy desensitization

Frank Liberti, D.C.
27910 US Hwy 19 North
Clearwater, FL 33761 USA
Phone: (727) 723-0040
Fax: (727) 723-0039
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic
Type of Treatments: Neurological Rehab, Protocols established by Boston Children's Hospital for ADD, Hyperactivity.

Rebecca J. Roberts, D.O.
1521 Dolphin Street
Sarasota, FL 34236-7009 USA
Phone: (941) 365-6273
Fax: (941) 365-4269
Type of Practitioner: Medical Doctor of Osteopathy and manipulation
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, supplements, homeopathy and chiropractic

Valerie Balandra ARNP
2750 Bahia Vista Street
Suite 103
Sarasota, FL 34239 USA
Phone: (941) 953-3733
Fax: (941) 953-9553
Type of Practitioner: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Type of Treatments: Nutritional and Metabolic treatments

Maria Parks LMT/CT MA28251
Primary Health & Welness MM9264
4551 Grand Blvd
New Pork Richey, FL 34652 USA
Phone: (727) 847-0106
Fax: (727) 847-0106
Email: primaryhealthwellness@yahoo.com
Type of Practitioner: Massage Therapist, Colon Therapist
Type of Treatments: Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainaage, Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy


Bradley Bongiovanni
4855 Peachtree Ind Blvd
Norcross, GA 30092 USA
Phone: (800) 221-4640 X 371
Email: DrBongiovanni@aol.om
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Physician
Type of Treatments: Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Diet Counseling

William E. Richardson, M.D.
Atlanta Clinic of Preventive Medicine
1718 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 360
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA
Phone: (404) 670-0570
Fax: (404) 607-0871
Email: acpmdoc@bellsouth.net
Website: www.acpm.net
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Holistic Family Practice
Type of Treatments: Lifestyle and nutritional counseling, metal (toxic)detox via chelation treatment, medical exam, colonics, herbology, self-hypnosis and meditation, allergy treatment.

Salih Abdul Baiith
Prime Community Heatlh Care
2870 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Atlanta, GA 30311 USA
Phone: (404) 505-7500
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Chiropractic, neutraceuticals, nutrition, herbal

Milton Fried, M.D.
4426 Tilly Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30360 USA
Phone: (770) 451-8492
Type of Practitioner: M.D., General Practice
Type of Treatments: Homeopathic, natural medicine, herbs, allergy testing

DeeAnna P. Merz
Thomas A. Merz
Merz Consulting, Inc.
P.O. Box 403
Menlo, GA 30731 USA
Phone: (706) 822-0099
Email: info@merzconsulting.com
Website: www.merzconsulting.homestead.com/FunctionalAssessment.html
Type of Practitioner: Licensed Professional Counselor
Qualified Mental Retardation Professional
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Type of Treatments: We offer effective Behavioral Support plans for individuals who have mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.

JP Saleeby, MD
Jane Gregoria, L. Ac
Saleeby Longevity Institute
144 Habersham Street
Savannah, GA 31401 USA
Phone: (912) 201 9464
Fax: (912) 201 9467
Email: jpsaleeby@aol.com
Website: www.longevity-institute.com
Type of Practitioner: MD with emphasis on integrative & preventive medicine, anti-aging. Also Licensed Acupuncturist / TCM
Type of Treatments: Western Herbs, Chinese Herbal medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Myer's Cocktails

Ralph Ellis, Jr., M.D.
Coastal Georgia Health Research Institute
158 Scranton Connector Blvd.
Brunswick, GA 31525 USA
Phone: (912) 280-0304
Fax: (912) 280-0601
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Chelation, nutrition, supplements, herbs, medical exams (non-evasive)


Miles Greenberg, ND
3093 Akahi Street
Lihue, HI 96746 USA
Phone: (808) 245-2277
Fax: (808) 245-9454
Email: miles@hawaiian.net
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic physician
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, nutrition (oral/parenteral), cranial/spinal manipulation, herbal

Roger Kliesh, N.D., Ph.D.
Rev. Marty Kliesh, N.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Kliesh
15-1677 Manako Street (19th Street)
General Delivery
Kea'au, HI 96749 USA
Phone: (808) 966-7720
Email: klieshhawaii@hotmail.com
Website: www.herbs-health.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: All holistic modalities

Greg Yuen, M.D.
1188 Bishop Street, Ste. 806
Honolulu, HI 96813 USA
Phone: 808 599-5050
Fax: 803 599-5719
Email: gregyuen@cs.com
Website: gyuen.salu.net
Type of Practitioner: M.D. Psychiatrist
Type of Treatments: These are all treatments I am beginning to transition into my practice. Bach Flower Remedies, nutritional counselling, acupressure points, qigong (breathing exercises), orthomolecular psychiatry.


David Hoffman, D.C.
Lauran Hoffman, D.C.
Healthquest Chiropractic & Wellness Center
504 1/2 E. Erie Street
Missouri Valley, IA 51555 USA
Phone: (712) 642-5023
Email: hqwc@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractors
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, adjustments, allergy testing, NAET (allergy desensitizing)


Gayle Eversole, CRNP, PhD, AHG, DHo
Creating Health Institute
P. O. Box 8661
Moscow, ID 83843 USA
Phone: (208) 882-0121
Email: leaflady@leaflady.org
Website: www.leaflady.org
Type of Practitioner: Medical/Clinical Herbalist,Nutrition,Homeopathy and Flower Essences,Reiki Master,Psychiatric Nurse Clinician - retired
Type of Treatments: Based on client evaluation and choice of the client,so that the client is successful.


William J. Mauer, D.O.
Kingsley Medical Center
3401 N. Kennicot Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA
Phone: (847) 255-8988
Fax: (847) 255-7700
Type of Practitioner: D.O., MDH (homeopathic physician)
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, nutrition, chelation, IV Vitamin C, photoluminescence, standard medical exam, etc.

Jonathan P. Martinez, D.O.
Pioneer Medical Associates
3401 N. Kennicott Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA
Phone: (800) 981-9552
Fax: (847) 255-7700
Email: DrMartinez@Get-Well.com
Type of Practitioner: Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon
Type of Treatments: Osteopathic Manipulation, Cranial Osteopathy, Clinical Nutrition

William M. Pollack, Jr., D.C.
Pollack Chiropractic
20566 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Deerfield (Suburb of Chic, IL 60015 USA
Phone: (847) 215-2225
Fax: (847) 215-7203
Email: DrPollack@attbi.com
Website: www.PollackClinic.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic - D.C.
Type of Treatments: Specific Spinal Adjustments, Nutritional Therapy, Massage Therapy, Metabolic Therapy

Michael J. Glade
North Shore Wellness
281 Waukegan Road
Northfield, IL 60093 USA
Phone: (847) 784-0011
Fax: (847) 784-8734
Email: the_nutrition_doctor@yahoo.com
Website: www.galaxymall.com/diet/nutritiondr
Type of Practitioner: Ph.D., nationally certified clinical nutritionist
Type of Treatments: diet, supplements and herbs

Paul J. Dunn, M.D.
715 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60301 USA
Phone: (708) 383-3800
Fax: (708) 383-3445
Email: pjkddunn@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., certified in Pediatrics. I do an integrative complementary practice with adults and children
Type of Treatments: Diet, detoxification regimen, musculoskeletal treatments and exercises, cranial osteopathy, relaxation techniques, stress reduction, nutritional supplements, candida yeast treatments, oral antigens for food and inhalants, nutritional IV

Ross Hauser, M.D.
Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services
715 Lake Street, Suite 600
Oak Park, IL 60301 USA
Phone: (708) 848-7789
Fax: (708) 848-7763
Email: drhauser@caringmedical.com
Website: www.caringmedical.com
Type of Practitioner: Dr. Hauser is an M.D.
Jenifer Van De Pol, M.P.A.S. Interventional Natural Medicine.
Type of Treatments: Secretin, Chelation, Ozone, Allergies, IV Nutrition, Detox, Diet, Photolum, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Neuraltherapy, Prolotherapy, Natural Hormone replacement, Anti-aging.

Ricardo Bernales, M.D.
Asthma, Allergy & Wellness Center
3240 S. Oak Park Avenue
Berwyn, IL 60402 USA
Phone: (708) 795-7760
Fax: (708) 788-8141
Email: asthmallergy@yahoo.com
Website: www.salunet.com/bernales
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Pediatrics, preventive medicine
Type of Treatments: Allergy testing, immunotherapy, nutrition, elimination diets.

Pfeiffer Treatment Center
1804 Centre Point Circle, Suite 102
Naperville, IL 60563 USA
Phone: (630) 505-0300
Fax: (630) 505-1907
Email: Info@hriptc.org
Website: www.hriptc.org
Type of Practitioner: Nutrient therapy
Type of Treatments: Nutrient supplements.

Elliott Small
28 East Jackson Blvd. 10th Floor #A728
Chicago, IL 60604 USA
Phone: (312) 777-4205
Fax: (312) 777-4205
Email: Elliott@health-span.com
Website: www.MyHealthSpan.com
Type of Practitioner: Digestive disease and nutrition with a focus on preventative medicine.

Allyne Rosenthal, D.C.
Rosenthal Clinic
122 S. Michigan, Ste. 1560
Chicago, IL 60625 USA
Phone: (312) 939-4121
Fax: (312) 939-8011
Email: allynerosenthal@earthlink.net
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic Physician
Functional Medicine practitioner
Type of Treatments: Chiropractic adjustments and nutritional therapy based on the protocols of functional medicine

Claude Williams, D.C.
Apollo Alternative Medicine
626 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60679 USA
Phone: (773) 539-7400
Fax: (773) 604-4446
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor, Acupuncturrist, Naturopath, traditional Chinese medicine
Type of Treatments: Accupuncture, adjustments, nutrition, herbs, Chinese herbs, physiotheraphy, homeopathy.


Ann Kempf
Kempf Professional Corporation
1202 Lincoln Way East
South Bend, IN 46601 USA
Phone: (219) 232-5892
Fax: (219) 237-0910
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionist, Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Chelation therapy, OMT, Allergy testing and treatment, Toxic metal testing and treatment.

Frances D. Dwyer, M.D.
919 E. Jefferson, Ste. 107
South Bend, IN 46617 USA
Phone: (219) 237-1303
Fax: (219) 237-1321
Type of Practitioner: Pediatrition, Family Practitioner, Integrative Medicine
Type of Treatments: Hypnotist, Skin & Blood tests, Allergy. Really looks for inhalants, toxic substances, etc. Address mental health issues with nutrition/allergy/toxic substances stand point.

Marvin D. Dziabis, M.D.
Health Restoration Clinic
107 West Seventh Street
North Manchester, IN 46962 USA
Phone: (260) 982-1400
Fax: (260) 982-1700
Email: Mdziabis@ctinet.com
Website: www.medical-library.net/doctors/health_restoration_clinic
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Allergy, anti-aging, bioresonance, cancer support, chelation, cardiovascular support, detoxification, electro-accupuncture, electrodermal screening, homeopathy, infra-red sauna, nutritional, oxidative therapy, photoluminesence

Kirk Morgan, M.D.
Practice: George M. Wolverton, M.D., Inc.
647 Eastern Bl
Clarksville, IN 47129 USA
Phone: (812) 282-4309
Fax: (812) 283-8299
Email: Kmorgan@NUEworld.com
Website: NUEworld.com/MEMALL
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Any and all means and modalities as determined and indicated to relieve pain and suffering. I tend to seek measures that are cost effective and hopefully will do no harm.

George M. Wolverton, M.D.
647 Eastern Bl
Clarksville, IN 47129 USA
Phone: (812) 282-4309
Fax: (812) 283-8299
Email: drgeorge@wolvertonmd.com
Website: www.wolvertonmd.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Family Practice
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular, IV, Chelation, nutrition

Larry Meadows
Meadows Accupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic
7662 West State Road 356
Lexington, IN 47138 USA
Phone: (812) 866-3036
Email: meadowssl@msn.net
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies

Hamilton Clinic
958 Kenmore Drive
Evansville, IN 47714 USA
Phone: (812) 477-5003
Fax: (812) 477-3639
Website: www.hamiltonclinic.com
Type of Practitioner: Doctor of Osteopathy, Chiropractors
Type of Treatments: Electric Accupuncture, Chelation therapy, Nutritional therapy, Massage therapy, Chiropractic neurology.


Peter Kimble
3211Clinton Parkway Ct.
Suite 2
Lawrence, KS 66047 USA
Phone: (785) 841-9757
Email: pbkimble@juno.com
Type of Practitioner: ND, Naturopathic Physician
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, Homeopathic, Allergies, Naturopathic

Farhang Khosh, N.D.
Mehdi Khosh, ND.,Deena Beneda-Khosh, ND
Natural Medical Care
2601 West 6th Street, Ste. D
Lawrence, KS 66049 USA
Phone: (785) 749-2255
Email: drskhosh@yahoo.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Doctor
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, Herbal medicine, Nutrition, and Acupuncture

Hugh D. Riordan, M.D.
Olive Garvey Center for Healing Arts
3100 N. Hillside Avenue
Wichita, KS 67219 USA
Phone: (316) 682-3100
Fax: (316) 682-5054
Website: www.brightspot.org
Type of Practitioner: MD, Psychosomatic Medicine
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular


Dewitt Garrett, D.N., D.C., N.D.
221 Al Fan Court
Winchester, KY 40391 USA
Phone: (603) 737-0529
Email: dgarrett@mis.net
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor, Doctor of Naprapathy, Naturopathic Doctor
Type of Treatments: Naprapathic (type of adjustment), nutrition, herbs, diet consult


Barry Schwartz, Ph.D.
Tulane Stress Management/Biofeedback and Wellness
1415 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112 USA
Phone: (504) 587-2114
Fax: (504) 588-2305
Type of Practitioner: Ph.D.
Type of Treatments: Holistic mind body integration approach to include biofeedback/neuro feedback, nutrition & exercise.

Marie Pace, HHP, CNC
Optimum Solutions Hormone & Nutritional Consultants
210 Elmwood Drive
Lafayette, LA 70503 USA
Phone: (337) 989-0572
Fax: (337) 989-0573
Email: solutionsforher@aol.com
Website: www.solutionsforher.com
Type of Practitioner: Nutritional and hormone consultant
Type of Treatments: Real natural hormones (progesterone, estrogen, cortisol), saliva testing, nutritional supplements, support and educational consultations (not talk therapy of any sort).

Sangeeta Shah, M.D.
Wellness and Longevity Center of Louisiana
211 E. Kaliste Saloom Road
Lafayette, LA 70508 USA
Phone: (337) 235-1166
Fax: (337) 235-1168
Email: sangi@bigplanet,com
Website: www.healthybloodhealthybody.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Weight loos program, chelation therapy, and blood morphology

Sylvia N. Callahan, N.D.
11851 Coursey Blvd. Suite B
Baton Rouge, LA 70816 USA
Phone: (225) 291-0083
Fax: (225) 296-5181
Email: healthdr@aol.com
Website: http://www.drsylviacallahan.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Doctor, Board-Certified
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, herbs, reflexology, acupressure, homepathy


Freedom Center Northampton MA
P.O. 623
Northampton, MA 01060 USA
Phone: (413) 582-9948
Email: info@freedom-center.org
Website: www.freedom-center.org
Type of Practitioner: Practice includes peer support, advocacy and activism group working against human rights abuse.

Neil S. Orenstein, Ph.D.
67 Church Street
Lenox, MA 02140 USA
Phone: (413) 637-3466
Email: neilorenstein@yahoo.com
Type of Practitioner: Ph.D., Nutritional Biochemistry
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, including dietary consults

Barry Taylor, ND
New England Family Health Center
270 Winter Street
Weston, MA 02493 USA
Phone: (781) 237-8505
Email: drbarrytaylor@aol.com
Website: www.drbarrytaylor.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Physician
Type of Treatments: Nutritional/Orthomolecular, Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies. I teach stress management skills and offer LaStone Therapy.

Janice Gagnon-Warr, RN, C, HNC, RA, APP
Southcoast Aromatherapy & Polarity
33 State Road
Dartmouth, MA 02719 USA
Phone: (508) 998-7984
Email: jgwarr@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Holistic nurse, registered and certified in clinical aromatherapy and Polarity Therapy.
Type of Treatments: Aromatherapy and Polarity therapy for relaxation stress management


Robert Hedaya, M.D.
The Hedaya Clinic & National Center for Whole Psychiatry
4701 Willard Avenue
Suite 222
Chevy Chase, MD 20815 USA
Phone: (301) 657-4749
Fax: (301) 718-0766
Email: psych1952@aol.com
Website: www.wholepsych.com
Type of Practitioner: Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Endrocrinology
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular, Nutrition, Gastrointestinal, Hormones, Detoxification

Reggi Norton, M.Ac., L.Ac.
Mary Lynn Lipscomb, RN, HNC, BeP
Meridians - A Center for the Healing Arts
321 Main Street
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 USA
Phone: (301) 977-7762
Fax: (301) 977-9565
Email: reggi@meridianshealth.com
Website: www.meridianshealth.com
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist, specializing in Allergy Elimination and CORE energetic assessments (Reggi) BioEnergetic Practitioner.
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture,Allergy Elimination, CORE Energetic Assessments, EAV (Electrodermal Screening, Homeopathy, Nutritional support. Also, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, Feldenkrais, Chiropractic, Hormone Balancing Treatments


Judy Stone
Nutrition Magician
2312 Packard Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA
Email: nutritionmagician@mediaone.net
Website: www.nutritionmagician.net
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Dietary intervention, Amino Acid Therapy, Detoxification, Supplements

Linda Kent
Health Matrix
5502 Amberwood Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48310 USA
Phone: (586) 264-0824
Email: Lkentresources@mindspring.com
Website: www.lkhealthmatrix,com
Type of Practitioner: Learning Specialist, Nutritional Consultant, Energy Therapy Practitioner
Type of Treatments: The Emotional Freedom Technique, a form of Energy Psychology. The technique is easy to learn, provides lasting relief and it works. Please see the testimonials on my website.

Nedra Downing, D.O.
5639 Sashabaw Road
Clarkston, MI 48346 USA
Phone: (248) 625-6677
Fax: (248) 625-5633
Type of Practitioner: D.O., Pharmacist and M.S. in human Nutrition
Type of Treatments: Nutrition homeopathic, energy, herbs, IV, precursor loading for neurotransmitters, allergy avoidance.

William Bernard, D.O.
Kenneth Ganapini, D.O.
1044 Gilbert Street
Flint, MI 48532 USA
Phone: (810)733-3140
Fax: (810) 733-5623
Type of Practitioner: D.O.,
Type of Treatments: Chelation, minerals, vitamin treatment

Seldon Nelson, D.O.
1504 E. Grand River
East Lansing, MI 48823 USA
Phone: (517) 349-5346
Fax: (517) 349-7009
Type of Practitioner: D.O.
Type of Treatments: 80% physical medicine, manipulation, chronic fatigue

Tammy Geurkink-Born, D.O.
Born Prevention Health Care Clinic, P.C.
3700 52nd Street Se
Grand Rapids, MI 49512 USA
Phone: (616) 656-3700
Fax: (616) 656-3701
Email: tammy@bornclinic.com
Website: www.bornclinick.com
Type of Practitioner: Family practice, D.O.s
Type of Treatments: Chelation therapy, acupuncture, anti-aging, laser surgery, allergies, cellulite therapy, gynecology, prolotherapy.

Gary Coller, D.O.
Arden P. Anderson, Ph.D., D.O.
Born Prevention Health Care Clinic, P.C.
3700 52nd Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512 USA
Phone: (616) 656-3700
Fax: (616) 656-3701
Website: www.bornclinic.com
Type of Practitioner: Family Practice, D.O.s
Type of Treatments: Chelation therapy, acupuncture, anti-aging, laser surgery, allergies, cellulite, therapy, gynecology, prolotherapy.


Andreas Moritz
75 West Point Avenue
Tonka Bay, MN USA
Phone: (952) 470-9741
Fax: (952) 470-9741
Email: andmor@ener-chi.com
Website: http://ener-chi.com
Type of Practitioner: Medical Intuitive Practitioner of Ayunveda, Nutrition, Shiatsu and Vibrational Medicine

Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D..
Health Recovery Center
3255 Hennepin Avenue S
Minneapolis, Mn 54048 USA
Phone: (612) 827-7800
Fax: (800) 554-1948
Website: www.healthrecovery.com
Type of Practitioner: Ph,D. Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular treats alcohol addiction

Ronald T. Petit, M.S.
Donna Tveten, OTR
Afton Alternative Associates
16455 20th Street South
Suite B
Lakeland, MN 55043 USA
Phone: (651) 436-3845
Email: ronpetit@yahoo.com
Website: www.aftonalternativeassociates.com
Type of Practitioner: Occupational Therapist, Professional Counselor
Type of Treatments: Rolfing, Myofascial Release, Brain Gym, Movement Therapy, Joint Mobilization, Strength Education

Jonathan Williams
Darell Shaffer
The Centre for Mental Health Solutions
2000 South Plymouth Rd Suite 220
Minnetonka, MN 55305 USA
Phone: (952) 922-6916
Fax: (952) 922-3412
Email: info@mentalhealthsolutions.org
Website: mentalhealthsolutions.org
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic Internist, Psychiatrist, Holistic Medical Doctor (Dr. Charles Weisman)
Type of Treatments: Energy medicine, massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral, ear candling, colonic, Healing touch, full laboratory services and testing, chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and many others.

Dr. Jonathan Williams
Dr. Darell Shaffer
The Centre for Mental Heath Solutions
2000 South Plymouth Road, Suite 220
Minnetonka, MN 55305 USA
Phone: (952) 922-6916
Fax: (952) 922-3412
Email: info@mentalhealthsolutions.org
Website: www.mentalhealthsolutions.org
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic Internist, Psychiatrist, Holistic Medical Doctor (Dr. Charles Weisman)
Type of Treatments: Energy medicine, massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral, colored light, ear candling, colonic, healing touch, aromatherapy, chiropractic, (see more below in other notes).

Steven Sonmore, L.Ac., OBT
Complete Oriental Medical Care
5841 Pleasant Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55419 USA
Phone: (612) 866-4000
Email: info@orientalmedcare.com
Website: www.orientalmedcare.com
Type of Practitioner: Licensed Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Oriental massage, dietary therapy


Tipu Sultan, M.D.
Environmental Health & Allergy Center
11585 W. Florissant
Florissant, MO 63033 USA
Phone: (314) 921-5600
Fax: (314) 921-8273
Email: ehacstl@aol.com
Website: www.ehac-stlouis.com
Type of Practitioner: MD, Pediatrics and environmental medicine
Type of Treatments: Candida, nutrition, thyroid testing, allergy testing, heavy metal testing

M. Scott Unnerstall, D.C.
819 W. 5th Street
Washington, MO 63090 USA
Phone: (636) 239-4454
Fax: (636) 239-9449
Email: unnchiro@fidmail.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic, Acupuncture
Type of Treatments: General Chiropractic methods, needle acupuncture, electoacupuncture

David L. Rozeboom, D.C.
Delcrest Chiropractic, Inc.
8428 Delmar
St. Louis, MO 63124 USA
Phone: (314) 997-2308
Fax: (314) 997-0656
Email: rozeboom@anet-stl.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Chiropractic adjustments, Nutrition, Hair Analysis, Muscle testing.

Varsha Rathod, M.D.
Preventive Medicine
1977 Schuetz Road
St. Louis, MO USA
Phone: (314) 997-5403
Fax: (314) 997-6837
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments:
Allergy Elimination
Toxic metal testing


Curt Kurtz, M.D.
300 N. Wilson #502E
Bozeman, MT 59715 USA
Phone: (406) 587-5561
Fax: (406) 585-8536
Website: www.myhealth.com/Curtis_Kurtz
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Bio-immune, fully body health (he does the hair & blood testing there), Nutrition, allergy testing, toxic metals testing, yeast syndrome, hypnosis, acuscope therapy.

Greg Weidlich
Livewell Center
302 Missouri Avenue
Deer Lodge, MT 59722 USA
Phone: (406) 846-2604
Email: gweidlich@yahoo.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Adjustments, homeopathy, Simple Communication


Craig Roles, DC, DABCI
2720 Green Valley Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89014 USA
Phone: (702) 451-0480
Fax: (702) 435-6903
Email: gvchiro@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Chiropractic with nutrition

Robert Milne, MD
Milne Medical Center
2110 Pinto Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89106 USA
Phone: (702) 385-1393
Fax: (702) 385-4170
Type of Practitioner: Regular MD, Family practice. Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, allergy testing

Fuller Royal, M.D., H. M. D.
3663 Pecos-McLeod
Las Vegas, NV 89121 USA
Phone: (702) 732-1400
Fax: (702) 732-9661
Email: ffroyal@nevadaclinic,com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., HMD
Type of Treatments: Nutrition and Homeopathy Hyperbanic Oxygen Therapy

W. Douglas Brodie, M.D., Homeopath
601 West Moana Lane
Reno, NV 89509 USA
Phone: (775) 829-1009
Fax: (775) 829-9330
Website: www.DrBrodie.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Homeopath
Type of Treatments: Laetrile - B17 (legal in the state of Nevada), full body analysis, IV's of Nutrients, Chelation therapy, Homeopathy, Metal Toxicity, Preventive medicine, internal medicine, Nutrition therapy.


Loretta M. Donnelly, MS, NCTMB
Alpha Holistics, LLC
Sussex, NJ USA
Phone: (973) 702-8318
Email: Loretta@alphaholistics.com
Website: www.alphaholistics.com
Type of Practitioner: Massage Therapist (Nationally Certified)
Robin Leder, M.D.
Doctor's Center for Health and Healing
235 Prospect Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 07601 USA
Phone: (201) 525-1155
Fax: (201) 525-0915
Type of Practitioner: M.D., General Practitioner
Type of Treatments: Holistic approach: Physical exams, natural hormones, nutrients, diet, allergy testing, etc.

Stuart H. Freedenfeld, M.D.
Stockton Family Practice
56 So. Main Street
Stockton, NJ 08559 USA
Phone: (609) 397-8585
Fax: (609) 397-9335
Email: stocktonfp@aol.com
Website: www.StocktonFP.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.,Nutritionist,Center has RN, NPC, L.A.C. Homeopath,Biofeedback,Neural Therapies,Chiropractic,Shiatsu,Reflexology,
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular (nutrition), herbal, homeopathic, acupuncture, detox (heavy metals and xenobiotics),
Needed for insurance purposes.

Bonnie Camo, M.D.
35 Emerald Road
Kendall Park, NJ 08824 USA
Phone: (732) 422-1585
Fax: (732) 422-8576
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, Nutrition


Shari Lieberman, Ph.D.
60 East 8th Street
New York, NY 10003 USA
Phone: (212) 439-8728
Type of Practitioner: Ph.D., Clinical Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Type of Treatments: Lifestyle programs including diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation.
I cannot provide a diagnosis since I am not a physician. However, the program for ADD would be different than for depression or anxiety. The dietary supplements woudl be different too. A diagnosis sometimes discribes behavior and is sometiems a disease process.

Carmen Fusco
333 East 43rd Street #114
New York, NY 10017 USA
Phone: (212) 983-6383
Fax: (212) 557-5063
Type of Practitioner: Assistant Professor of Nutrition, RN, Clinical Nutritionist. Specialize in aging.
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, diet, foods.

Serafina Corsello, M.D. FACAM
200 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019 USA
Phone: (212) 399-0222
Fax: (212) 399-3817
Website: www.corsello.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. Psychiatrist
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular psychiatry, with nutrition, diet, suppllements

Frank Lobacz, D.O., M.D.
180 E. 79th Street
New York, NY 10021 USA
Phone: (212) 744-3700 Ext. 43
Other Notes: See main listing for Dr. Lobacz, D.O., M.D. Click here

Julie Weiner, M.S, BCIAC, Fellow
M.S. degree in Nutrition
Biofeedback Learning Center
5997 Riverdale Avenue
Bronx, NY 10471 USA
Phone: (914) 633-2991
Email: jweiner1@netzero.net
Website: http://www.BiofeedbackLearning.com
Type of Practitioner: Biofeedback Therapist, Nutrition Educator
Type of Treatments: Biofeedback, Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback, Nutrition Education, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

Michele B. Galante. M.D.
31 Cragmere Road
Suffern, NY 10901 USA
Phone: (845) 369-6900
Fax: (845) 369-6911
Email: mgalante@earthlink.net
Website: www.homeopathyone.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Homeopathy, Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Classical Homeopathy, Neurofeedback, and Nutrition are the cornerstones of our natural approach to Mental and Emotional wellness.

Michael I. Gurevich, M.D., C.Ac.
Norman Suhu, L. AC, N.D.
Life Streams
997 Glen Cove
Glen Head, NY 11545 USA
Phone: (516) 674-9489
Fax: (516) 759-5946
Email: MlGurevich@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. and Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Herbal, Homeopathic, Medications, Meditation, stress reduction, Chi Gong

Frank Lobacz, D.O., M.D.
10 Brentwood Road
Bayshore, NY 11706 USA
Phone: (631) 968-7700
Fax: (631) 968-7705
Other Notes: See main listing for Dr. Lobacz, D.O., M.D. Click here

Robert Newman, D.C., CCN
1 Meadowrue Lane
East Northport, NY 11731 USA
Phone: (631) 368-6320
Fax: (631) 368-2925
Email: rsnewman@optonline.net
Type of Practitioner: Chirpractor, Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Nutritional Counselling, Diet, Nutrient Supplementation, Herbology, Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Adjusting, Spinal manipulation

Frank Lobacz, D.O., M.D.
200 Boundry Avenue #205
Massapequa, NY 11758 USA
Phone: (516) 694-2424
Fax: (516) 694-8185
Email: FML50@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., D.O.
Type of Treatments: Herbology, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Supplements

Andrew H. Myones - MSDC
814 Woodbury Road
Woodbury, NY 11797 USA
Phone: (516) 364-4441
Email: nutritionworks@msn.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor, Naturopath, Nutritionist, etc. MSDC
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs, Chiropracic

Fred Ulan (D.C.), CCN
Natural Health Improvement Center
15 W. Notre Dame Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801 USA
Phone: (518) 745-7473
Fax: (518) 792-7310
Email: nhic@capital.net
Website: www.capital.net/com/nhic
Type of Practitioner: Clinical nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Nutritional therapy, Homeopathy, Full searching physical health analysis to discover underlying physical causes that are affecting behavior and emotions.

Mark Winter, PsyD, CNC
Alternative Mental Health Service of Glens Falls
36 Orchard Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801 USA
Phone: (518) 798-1622
Fax: (518) 792-5492
Email: magjw@localnet.com
Type of Practitioner: Orthomolecular Practictioner
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular therapies
Bach Flower Therapy
Herbal supplements

Charles Gant, N.M.D., Ph.D., M.D.
5900 No. Burdick Street, Suite 205
East Syracuse, NY 13057 USA
Phone: (315) 472-1476
Fax: (315) 656-7736
Email: DrGantoffice@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Natural Medical Doctor
Type of Treatments: Full medical exam, nutritional treatments, allergy testing, toxic metal testing.
To describe behavior only.

Sherry A. Rogers, MD
Northeast Center for Environmental Medicine
2800 W. Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13219 USA
Phone: (315) 488-2856
Fax: (315) 488-7518
Website: www.prestigepublishing.com
Type of Practitioner: MD, board certified by American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, biochemical, medical, metabolic and allergic assessments

Allen Darman
10 Burwell Street
Little Falls, NY 13365 USA
Phone: (315) 823-4819
Email: allen_dar@yahoo.com
Website: www.geocities.com/allen_dar/index.html
Type of Practitioner: Mental Health Wellness Coach
Type of Treatments: Natural Interventions Only, dietary changes, nutrients, probiotics, digestive aids, gut cleansing measures, and the teaching of practical coping skills necessary to remain well without the need of any medication whatsoever.

William H. Stephan, M.D.
4080 Delaware Avenue
Tonawanda, NY 14150 USA
Phone: (716) 875-7399
Fax: (716) 875-7725
Email: bl6stephen@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. P.C.
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, Chelation

Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D.
Consulting Specialist in Natural Therapeutics
8 Van Buren Street
Rochester (Holley), NY 14470 USA
Phone: (716) 638-5357
Email: drsaul@doctoryourself.com
Website: http://www.doctoryourself.com
Type of Practitioner: Natural Therapeutics Consultant
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular Nutrition, Vitamin Therapy


Rev. Karen Silberstein, N.D., D.D, MsD
1120 Krishna Road
Sandy Ridge, NC 27046 USA
Phone: (336) 871-2358
Fax: (336) 871-2423
Email: karen@planet-tachyon.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Work with each patient individually including lifestyle recommendation, herbs, diet, exercise, supplements, and energetic treatments to bring the body into full balance.

Phillip Day, M.D.
Grover Family Practice
217 N. Main Street
Grover, NC 28073 USA
Phone: (704) 937-7905
Fax: (704) 937-9449
Email: day8787@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Complementary Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, medical history & exam, hormonal therapy, SAMe, herbal treatment.

R. Todd Shaver, D.C.
Family Focus Chiropractic
3502 Rightville Avenue
Wilminton, NC 28403 USA
Phone: (910) 452-5555
Fax: (910) 452-5044
Email: drshaver@doctorsshaver.com
Website: www.doctorshaver.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Mirror image adjustments, Nutrition

Joe Carr, N.D., C.N.C.
Wellness Therapies
Browning Office Plaza II
4010 Oleander Dr., Suite 10
Wilmington, NC 28403 USA
Phone: (910) 452-4060
Fax: (910) 452-9982
Email: joecarr@wellnesstherapies.net
Website: http://www.wellnesstherapies.net
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath, nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Nutrition
Enzyme Therapy
Live Blood Analysis/Layered Dry Blood

Ronald R. Parks, M.D.
801 Fairview Road #142
Ashville, NC 28803 USA
Phone: (828) 298-7638
Email: drparks@macrohealthmedicine.com
Website: www.macrohealthmedicine.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine
Type of Treatments: See website: macrohealthmedicine.com


Theodore J. Cole, M.A., D.O., N.M.D.
The Cole Center for Healing
11974 Lebanon Road, Suite 228
Cincinnati, OH 45241 USA
Phone: (513) 563-4321
Fax: (513) 563-3131
Email: drcole@colecenter.com
Website: www.colecenter.com
Type of Practitioner: I am a residency trained, Board Certified Osteopathic physician in Family Practice; Naturopathic Physician.
Type of Treatments: Allergy & Environmental medicine and EPD; Nutritional evaluation & therapy, herbal medications, homeopathy, Electro-Dermal Screening, Neural Therapy, CHRIS technique, and acupuncture, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Glutathione IV
To describe behavior in order to meet DSM categories.

L. Terry Chappell, M.D.
Celebration of Life Center
122 Thurman Street
Blufton, OH 45817 USA
Phone: (419) 358-4627
Fax: (419) 358-1855
Email: chappel@wcoil.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Alternative Medicine
Type of Treatments: Chelation, Reconstructive Therapy
Use Psychiatric diagnosis? (such as 'ADD', 'Schizophrenia'): Yes

Don K. Snyder, M.D.
1030 West Wayne
Paulding, OH 45879 USA
Phone: (419) 399-2045
Fax: (419) 399-4389
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Retired Family Practice, now specializes in Autism and ADD
Type of Treatments: Allergies, Chelation, Nutrition


Howard Hagglund, M.D.
1818 W. Lindsey, Building C-100
Norman, OK 73069 USA
Phone: (405) 329-4457
Fax: (405) 329-1717
Email: info@doctortalk.com
Website: www.doctortalk.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. and allergist
Type of Treatments: Intravenous therapies, allergy treatments, nutritional therapies

Thomas R. Thomson, M.Ed.
Feedback. LLC
4334 NW Expressway
Suite 224
Oklahoma City, OK 73116 USA
Phone: (405) 406-5760
Fax: (405) 843-5443
Email: trthomson@home.com
Website: www.eegspectrum.com
Type of Practitioner: M.Ed. Community Counseling
Type of Treatments: Neurofeedback (EEG-Biofeedback)

Robert L. White, N.O., PhD, P.A.C.
Genesis Medical Research Foundation
5419 South Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73189 USA
Phone: (405) 634-7855
Fax: (405) 634-7320
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Nutritional counseling, Oral and Intravenous Vitamin/Mineral therapies, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, Chelation Therapy


Gere W. Miller, B.A., B.S.P., M.D.
Family Clinic
1049 S. W. Baseline Road, Ste E-590
Hillsboro, OR 97123-3538 USA
Phone: (503) 648-1121
Fax: (503) 648-1124
Email: docshar@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. special interest in nutritional medicine and complimentary medicine
Type of Treatments: Rest and quiet, Nutritional therapy, medical exam for physical problems affecting behavior and treatment for medical ailments, herbal treatments and referrals for Chiropractic, Homeopathy & Allergy testing and treatment

Edward E. Moore, B.A., D.C.
McMinnville Chiropractic Clinic
213 N.E. 10th Street
McMinnville, OR 97128 USA
Phone: (503) 472-1477
Fax: (503) 434-5514
Email: dredmoore@earthlink.net
Website: www.herbsexpress.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic Physician
Type of Treatments: Chiropractic, Manipulation, blood test and allergy testing, hair analysis for heavy metal poisoning, use of herbs and vitamins as a therapy.

Scott Fogle
2220 SW 1st Avenue
Portland, OR 97201 USA
Phone: (503) 552-1814
Website: www.hometown.aol.com/FogleND
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Physician
Type of Treatments: Nutritionals, homeopathy, botanicals, lifestyle changes, diets

Tim Shannon, ND
Homeopathic Physician
2610 SE Clinton Street Suite E
Portland, OR 97202 USA
Phone: (503) 236-8853
Fax: (503) 236-9016
Email: drt@drtshannon.com
Website: www.drtshannon.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopathic Physician
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy
The diagnosis only gets you in the ball park. The diseases are mostly conventions or conveniences. I'm treating something much more than a disease name.

William J. Goedecke, Director
Lendon H. Smith, M.D.
Life Balances International - Biochemistry Health Education
7804 S. W. Terwilliger Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219 USA
Phone: (503) 244-4777
Fax: (503) 244-9666
Email: b.goedecke@worldnet.att.net
Website: www.lifebalancesintl.com
Type of Practitioner: Nutritional Chemistry, M.D., Blood Chemistry profiles.
Type of Treatments: Extensive lab evaluations and in depth health history to provide very specific nutrients and some food suggestiions. The person can learn very easily to take better care of themselves and truly understand their own body chemistry.

D. James Aungst, D.C.
3807 SW Garden Home Road
Portland, OR 97219 USA
Phone: (503) 977-5171
Fax: (503) 255-8310
Email: connect @pacifer.com
Website: www.allergies-gone.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Allergy elimination (NAET)
Clinical nutrition (CRA, MIT)

Lita Lee, PhD
P.O. Box 516
41611 West Boundary Road
Lowell, OR 97452 USA
Phone: (541) 937-1123
Fax: (541) 937-1132
Email: Litaleephd@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: PhD in chemistry, CLIA (Federal Gov't) licensed to do 24 hr urinalysis which determines enzyme & nutrient deficiencies
Type of Treatments: Plant enzyme therapy, hormonal balancing, herbs, homeopathics and an organic diet


Ruth D. Jones, D.O.
Bedford Wellness Center
342 S. Richard Street
Bedford, PA 15522 USA
Phone: (814) 623-8414
Fax: (814) 623-6668
Type of Practitioner: Doctor of Osteopathy
Type of Treatments: Osteopathic Manipulation, Vitamin/Mineral IV Therapy, Allergy Testing, Digestive Analysis, Hormonal Analysis, Amino Acid Levels, Nutrition, Chelation Therapy

Ralph A. Miranda, M.D.
Wholistic Health Center
RD #12 Box 108
Greensburg, PA 15601 USA
Phone: (724) 838-7632
Fax: (724) 836-3655
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionally-oriented M.D., traditionally trained, but have integrated alternatives over 20 years
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, herbs, lifestyle changes, biofeedback training, toxic metal testing and treatment, comprehensive medical evaluations to elucidate causes and contributing factors.

Frank E. Del Sandro, D.C.
1334 W. 38th Street
Eric, PA 16508 USA
Phone: (814) 868-7536
Fax: (814) 868-9888
Type of Practitioner: Chirpractor, Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Herbal therapy, acupuncture without needles, manipulation

Mary L. Reed (Gates)
Mary's Herbs and Iridology
626 Donnelly Avenue
Paton, PA 16668 USA
Phone: (814) 674-8835
Email: marysherbs@aol.com
Website: www.marysherbs.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, nutrition, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies.

Ken Hurst, M.D.
Leola Family Health Center
146 E. Main Street
Leola, PA 17540 USA
Phone: (717) 656-2141
Fax: (717) 656-4986
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Family Practice
Type of Treatments: Alternative Medicine

Francis M. Powers, Jr., M.D.
Powers Clinic
1201 Grampian Bl
Suite 3A
Williamsport, PA 17701 USA
Phone: (570) 322-6450
Fax: (570) 322-4931
Email: drposers@suscom.net
Website: www.powersclinic.com
Type of Practitioner: Radiation oncology and nutritional medicine. The doctor splits his time between both practices.
Type of Treatments: Primarily nutritional including diets, vitamins, herbs, etc. He also does IV therapy including chelation (EDTA)

Frederick Burton, M.D.
Burton Wellness Center
321 E. Eramus Avenue
Allentown, PA 18103 USA
Phone: (610) 791-2453
Fax: (610) 791-9974
Website: www.burtonwellnesscenter.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Internal Medicine
Type of Treatments: Nutritional

Margaret Rivera
32 Justice Drive
Newtown, PA 18940 USA
Phone: (215) 860-1268
Email: riveram3@home.com
Type of Practitioner: Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Herbs, essential oils, diet

Harold Buttram, M.D.
William Kracht, D.O.
5724 Clymer Road
Quakertown, PA 18951 USA
Phone: (215) 536-1890
Fax: (215) 529-9034
Email: foffice@woodmed.com
Website: www.woodmed.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., O.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutritional

Hugh Brenner
Center for Whole Health
431 Burmont Road
Drexel Hill, PA 19028 USA
Phone: (610) 896-1966
Email: hbrenner54@hotmail.com
Type of Practitioner: Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, Herbal, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, spiritually respectful

Jeanne Ohm, DC
Thomas Ohm, DC
Ohm Chiropractic Center
327 N. Middletown Road
Media, PA 19063 USA
Phone: (610) 891-1190
Email: ohmdc@comcast.net
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic
Type of Treatments: Adjustments for the reduction of interference and stress to the nervous system.

Mario Romero
Naturopath & Iridologist
Energy Plus, Inc
6315 Oxford Valley Road
Yardley, PA 19067 USA
Phone: (267) 254-4144
Fax: (215) 342-7090
Email: energyplus2000@yahoo.com
Website: www.energyplusonline.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath and Iridologist
Type of Treatments: Herbs, Vitamins and energy work

Frederick Burton, M.D.
69 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144 USA
Phone: (215) 844-4660
Fax: (215) 844-1078
Website: www.burtonwellnesscenter.com
Other Notes: See main listing for Dr Burton Click here

P. Jayalakshmi, M.D.
Kr. Sampathachat, M.D.
6366 Sherwood Road
Philadelphia, PA 19151 USA
Phone: (215) 474-4226
Fax: (215) 473-5850
Email: appaji6366@yahoo.com
Website: www.globeworks.com/appaji
Type of Practitioner: Family Practice and Holistic
Type of Treatments: Holistic

Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr., D.O.
Maulfair Medical Center
403 N. Main Street, PO Box 98
Topton, PA 19562 USA
Phone: (800) 733-4065 (610) 682-2104
Fax: (610) 682-9781
Email: info@drmaulfair.com
Website: www.drmaulfair.com
Type of Practitioner: D.O. Doctor of Osteopathy
Type of Treatments: Clinical nutrition, intravenous treatments after searching diagnostic process to find imbalances


John Curran, ND, MD
Northeastern Institute
One Richmond Sq., 310-E
Providence, RI 02906 USA
Phone: (401) 946-7602
Email: curranndmd@wmconnect.com
Website: www.drcurran,com
Type of Practitioner: N.D., M.D.
Type of Treatments: All drug-less therapy


Stephen Reisman, M.D.
Mind-Body Medical Center
2325 Crestmoor Road, Suite P-150
Nashville, TN 37215 USA
Phone: (615) 298-2820
Fax: (615) 298-2700
Email: learntobe@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, Herbs, IV Vitamins, homeopathics.

Julie Taylor
Mind-Body Medical Center
2325 Crestmoor Road
Suite P-150
Nashville, TN 37215 USA
Phone: (615) 298-2820
Email: jetze8@hotmail.com
Website: www.mindbody-md.com
Type of Practitioner: Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Acupuncture


Linda Martin, D.O.
1524 Independence Parkway #C
Plano, TX 75075 USA
Phone: (972) 578-1724
Fax: (972) 423-5227
Type of Practitioner: D.O.
Type of Treatments: Diet correction, allergy testing, nutritional supplements.

William Rea, M.D.
Environmental Health Center
8345 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 220
Dallas, TX 75231 USA
Phone: (214) 368-4132
Fax: (214) 691-8432
Email: wjr@ehcd.com
Website: www.ehcd.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Allergy testing, nutrition, dry sauna, physical therapy, immunotherapy, toxic metals testing.

Richard G. Jaeckle, M.D.
8220 Walnut Hill #404
Dallas, TX 75231 USA
Phone: (214) 696-0964
Fax: (214) 696-1094
Email: rgjmd@airmail.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D. Board Certified in Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Environmental Medicine and is a fellow in Otologeric
Type of Treatments: Nutrition, supplements, allergy testing, mold and yeast, chemical sensitivities.

Dennis Black, N.M.D.
Nu Life Wellness Center
18110 Midway Road
Suite 104
Dallas, TX 75287 USA
Phone: (972) 713-8200
Fax: (972) 713-8205
Email: drdennisblack@attbi.com
Website: www.nulifewellnesscenter.com
Type of Practitioner: N.M.D. (Naturopath)
Type of Treatments: Nutritional therapy, Homeopathy, Herbal remedies, massage, zone therapy, urine and hair analysis, rife technology and dark field micrascopy.

Mary Ann Block, DO, MD(H)
The Block Center
1721 Cimarron Trail
Hurst, TX 76054 USA
Phone: (817) 280-9933
Fax: (817) 280-9966
Website: www.blockcenter.com
Type of Practitioner: D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), Licensed Homeopath
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, Allergy testing/treatment, Medical exam for physical problems affecting behavior.

Richard Tam, M.D., P.A.
3220 N. Freeway #106
Ft. Worth, TX 76111 USA
Phone: (817) 626-1993
Fax: (817) 626-2310
Type of Practitioner: M.D. P.A.
Type of Treatments: Clelation, Nutrition, Herbs, Diet changes, allergy testing, toxic metal testing, homeopathy.

Gilbert Manso, M.D.
The Whole Health Center
5177 Richmond Avenue #125
Houston, TX 77056 USA
Phone: (713) 840-9355
Website: www.drmanso.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Amino acids, Dr.Larson's Protocol, Dr. Permunter's Protocol, IV Glutathione, Chelation

Andrew Campbell, M.D.
Center for Immune, Environmental and Toxic Disorders
1441 Memorial Drive #6
Houston, TX 77079 USA
Phone: (281) 497-7904
Fax: (281) 497-0796
Website: www.immunotoxicology.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Allergy testing, toxic metal testing, nutrition

David Bauman, N.D.
4313 North 10th Street
McAllen, TX 78504 USA
Phone: (713) 238-6172
Fax: (956) 687-7110
Email: davbauman@hotmail.com
Website: www.naturopathy-bauman.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath/Nutritionist, Texas State Licensed Clinical Social Worker (A.N.M.A. naturopath certification)
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, occasionally homeopathic

Vladimir Rizov, M.D.
Austin Rejuvenation Center
911 W. Anderson #205
Austin, TX 78757 USA
Phone: (512) 451-8149
Fax: (512) 451-0459
Email: info@newvitality.com
Website: www.newvitality.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy & bio-oxydation therapy, clelation, nutritional evaluation and nutrional correction and orthomolecular.


Kevin S. Millet, D.C.
Straight Chiropractic
463 S. Main Street
Bountiful, UT 84010 USA
Phone: (801) 298-1265
Email: strchiro@sisna.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Spinal care, nutrition

Greg Weidlich, DC
Livewell Center
741 N. 530 E.
Orem, UT 84097 USA
Phone: (801) 802-8230
Fax: (801) 802-0131
Email: gweidlich@yahoo.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Adjustments, homeopathy, herbs, simple communication

Randall Scripter, D.C.
7001 S. 900 East Suite 300
Midvale, UT 84119 USA
Phone: (801) 261-8001
Email: rss@anaturalway.com
Website: www.anaturalway.com
Type of Practitioner: Chiropractor
Type of Treatments: Professional Organic Nutritional Therapy
Biochemical Balancing


Colleen Hartford
Wellness Watchers
4050 Williston Road
South Burlington, VT 05403 USA
Phone: (802) 863-2200
Fax: (802) 863-2211
Email: wellnesswatchers@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: Certified Nutritional Microscopist & Holistic Heatlh Practitioner
Type of Treatments: Neurotransmitter and Hormone Testing followed by Amino Acid & Nutrient Therapy


John Allocca
John Carvalho
Migraine Prevention
2501 Escorial Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23456 USA
Phone: (757) 721-7781
Fax: (757) 426-3244
Email: john.allocca@MigrainePrevention.org
Website: www.MigrainePrevention.org
Type of Practitioner: Nutritionist
Type of Treatments: Migraine Prevention


Patric J. Darby, M.D.
Paracelsus Clinic
2505 S. 320th Street
Suite 100
Federal Way, WA 98003 USA
Phone: (253) 529-3050
Fax: (253) 529-3104
Email: ishrinkkids@msn.com
Website: www.paracelsusclinic.com
Type of Practitioner: MD - Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Type of Treatments: Chelation, Supplementation, Nutritional, Naturopathy, prolo therapy

David Buscher, M.D.
1803 116th Avenue N.E. Suite 112
Bellevue, WA 98004-3825 USA
Phone: (425) 453-0289
Fax: (425) 455-0078
Email: Dbuscher@jps.net
Type of Practitioner: Medical Doctor
Type of Treatments: Allergies, nutritional, environmental medicine.

Betty Sy Go, M.D.
The Leo J. Bolles Clinic, Inc.
15611 BC1-Red Road Bldg. A
Bellevue, WA 98008 USA
Phone: (425) 881-2224
Fax: (425) 881-2216
Email: bolles@bollesclinic.com
Website: www.bollesclinic.com
Type of Practitioner: Medical Doctor - Family Practice
Type of Treatments: IV vitamin therapy, chelation, oral supplements, detoxification diet.

Tahoma Clinic
515 W. Harrison Suite 200
Kent, WA 98032 USA
Phone: (253) 854-4900
Fax: (253) 850-5639
Email: tahomac@tahoma-clinic.com
Website: www.tahoma-clinic.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.'s, N.D.s and homeopaths
Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular (megavitamin), Allergy testing, toxic metal handling.

George Gillson
Tahoma Clinic
515 W. Harrison Street
Kent, WA 98032 USA
Phone: (253) 854-4900
Website: Tahoma Clinic Website - www.tahoma-clinic.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D., Ph.D., (Chemistry)
Type of Treatments: I follow Dr. Wright's protocols - nutrition; herbs; vitamins
Use Psychiatric diagnosis? (such as 'ADD', 'Schizophrenia'): Yes
But I find that they're only labels. I don't pay much attention to DSM-type criteria.

Judith Bluestone - Founder
Rebecca Graves, Jim Niblett
The HANDLE Institute
1530 Eastlake Avenue E. Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98102 USA
Phone: (206) 860-2665
Fax: (206) 860-3505
Email: support@handle.org
Website: www.handle.org
Type of Practitioner: HANDLE Clinicians
Type of Treatments: Neurodevelopmentally appropriate (typically movement-based) exercises and activities which work to energize and strengthen weak neural connections in systems, subsystems and pathways crucial to efficient functioning

Stephen Bucklew, N.D.
Natural Health Associates
5416 Barnes Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98103 USA
Phone: (206) 789-0558
Fax: (206) 781-1760
Email: stebuc@juno.com
Website: drbucklew.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, nutrition, detox (metals, chemicals, physical medicine, Botanicals.

Heidi M. Hawkins, MAc, LAc
419 Queen Anne Ave N
Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98109 USA
Phone: (206) 285-7363
Fax: (360) 734-1560
Email: heidimo99@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.scn.org/acu
Type of Practitioner: Medical Intuitive, Medical Qi Gong Practitioner, Licensed Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Mostly Medical Qi Gong and Allergy Relief Systems

Hannah Albert, N.D.
Shoreline Natural Medicine Clinic
646 NW Richmond Beach Rd
Shoreline, WA 98177 USA
Phone: (206) 542-8687
Fax: (206) 542-8336
Email: homeopathy@bigplanet.com
Website: www.hannahalbertnd.com
Type of Practitioner: Naturopath
Type of Treatments: Homeopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, visceral manipulation, dietary counseling, herbs, nutritional supplements.

Heidi M. Hawkins, MAc, LAc
1707 F Street
Bellingham, WA 98225 USA
Phone: (360) 734-1560
Fax: (360) 734-3027
Email: heidimo99@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.scn.org/acu
Type of Practitioner: Medical Qi Gong Healer, Medical Intuitive, Acupuncturist
Type of Treatments: Mostly Medical Qi Gong and Allergy Relief Systems

Bradford Weeks, M.D.
Weeks Clinic
P.O. Box 704
Clinton, WA 98236 USA
Phone: (360) 341-2303
Fax: (360) 341-2313
Email: Admin@weeksMD.com
Website: www.weeksmd.com
Type of Practitioner: Psychiatrist & Neurologist - Orthomolecular physician
Type of Treatments: See www.weeksmd.com

Richard Wilkenson, M.D.
Yakima Allergy and Longevity Clinic
302 S. 12th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902 USA
Phone: (509) 453-5506
Fax: (509) 575-0211
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Natural medicine, nutrition, dietary change, allergy testing, heavy metal testing, detox programs.

Stephen L. Smith, M.D.
Physicians Immediate Care and Medical Center
1516 Tadwin Avenue
Richland, WA 99352 USA
Phone: (509) 946-1695
Fax: (509) 946-7666
Email: stephenpmc@aol.com
Type of Practitioner: M.D.
Type of Treatments: Whole person approach, Nutritional, Intensive allergy testing, testing for intestinal bugs for imbalances - kid who came in not talking are talking.


John P. MacCallum, M.D.
Center for Alternative Medicine
3855 Teays Valley Road
Hurricane, WV 25526 USA
Phone: (304) 757-3368
Fax: (304) 757-2402
Email: scb00710@mail.wvnet.edu
Type of Practitioner: M.D./Psychiatrist-outpatient only
Type of Treatments: Nutritional, non-pharmaceutical whenever possible, Intravenous vitamin and other therapies, Oriental medicine (a colleague), natural hormone replacement, anti-aging therapies, others


Rathna Awa
Rajesh Alwa
Sal Holistic Health Center
4078 Oakwood Drive
Lake Geneva, WI 53147 USA
Phone: (262) 245-5262
Fax: (262) 245-5264
Email: holistic@genevaonline.com
Type of Practitioner: Holistic
Type of Treatments: Trauma (surgery accident), therapies to get trauma out of person, believes body-mind not mind body. Holistic protocol to treat whatever is going on emotionally or physically. Uses flow paradigm, humans need food, love, water

Georgia Janisch, R.D.
1514 Dayton Drive
Janesville, WI 53546 USA
Phone: (608) 754-2000
Fax: (608) 754-4909
Email: gjrd@inwave.com
Website: www.gjrd.net
Type of Practitioner: Registered Dietitian
Type of Treatments: I learned 30 years ago that most mental illness is physical in nature; often connected to diet and life-style habits.

Don Kleinsek, Ph.D.
GeriGene Medical Corporation
535 Science Drive
Madison, WI 53711-1060 USA
Phone: (608) 274-2228
Fax: (608) 274-3650
Email: Kleinsek@gerigene.com
Type of Practitioner: Ph.D. genetics, nutrition, pharmacology
Type of Treatments: Dependent on the situation

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